June 2014 Birchbox, First Impressions

I have been umming and ahhing over whether or not I should subscribe to a beauty box. With so many big things happening this year and next, a lot of my “treat” cash is tied up with holiday clothes or *whispers* Christmas presents so I haven’t been trying as many new products, which makes me sad. After reading Bee’s serious of Birchbox posts on her blog Journeys are my Diary I decided that this is the box for me and when I heard Sophia of Tattooed Tea Lady had a discount code for your first box I decided no was the time to treat myself. I signed up for the rolling month subscription, purely so I could cancel if it go too much or if I actually didn’t end up being as impressed as I hoped. It arrived on Wednesday and I thought I’d photograph the unboxing and share my first thoughts on my blog as although I have managed two other beauty reviews this week, prior to this I hadn’t had much to say on the subject! It was so difficult waiting on my camera battery to charge before I could rip it open and see what was inside! 

So, the unboxing. It was so incredibly exciting receiving a box of goodies that I had no idea what it contained! When I saw the pink box in my postman’s hands I was desperate to grab it off him! Once I got it indoors, and my camera was ready to go I tore into it. First I saw the sweet card welcoming me to my first Birchbox which was a rather nice touch. 
Inside was the standard Birchbox which is definitely something I will use again as I love a pretty box for storage! Then there was the bag in the Brazillian colours as this month it was World Cup themed with products from different countries. There was also the Birchbox magazine and the card telling me what was in my box. I tossed these both aside, desperate to see what was inside! And I wasn’t disappointed! 

The jet-black formula is the UK’s best selling mascara, adding volume and length to all types of lashes
This is a product I have raved about for years and recommended to anyone who has asked for a good mascara recommendation. I find it survives just about everything, including my hayfever! It’s the one product I couldn’t live without and since my full size one is coming to an end, I was happy to see this one in my Birchbox so I wouldn’t have to go without! 
“This deeply nourishing mask protects and softens hair, while fortifying it’s elasticity”
I’m a complete sucker for anything that is for your hair, especially this month as mine will be under going weekly dying to keep it as red as possible for Comicon. This smells amazing, which again is something very important in a product for me. I look forward to giving this a try and as it’s a smaller size in comparison to my other hair masks it will fit perfectly in my toiletry bag.
“A vibrant polish inspired by Brazil’s tropical rainforests and sandy beaches”
I’m a long standing fan of OPI, however this isn’t really a colour for me. I have given it to my sister as she says it will look perfect with her tan. 
“A lemony fresh organic body lotion with shea butter, olive and avocado oil for soft skin”
Again, this isn’t a brand I’ve ever heard of but it is another wonderful smelling product. However, again like with the OPI, it isn’t something I’ll personally used. However, my mother is going to Greece in a few weeks time for two weeks and she said she will use it as it will be a lovely moisturising lotion to put on in the morning, especially as it has olive oil in it and she swears by that when tanning. 

“A light oil-free facial moisturiser to hydrate, brighten and even skintone”
This is the product I was most excited about! I have read a lot about Caudalie and I have been intrigued but I haven’t managed to shell out for anything yet. I love French pharmacy products they seem to do wonders for my skin so I honestly can’t wait to give this a try. I’m a big fan of anything with SPF15 in as I’m paranoid about my skin becoming sun damaged. This will be perfect for going under my foundation.
& The Little Lifestyle Extra… Brazil Inspired Keyring
Over all I’m really impressed with the contents of my Birchbox, everything it can be used by myself or a member of my family and I’m already looking forward to my July box! Although I wish I had received the Beauty Blender some other bloggers were lucky enough to find in their box, mainly because mine is really grotty, haha. Hopefully I’ll have some more indepth reviews of the products coming soon to the blog, so watch this space! 
For anyone looking to take our a Birchbox subscription it’s £10 a month plus £2.95 postage, the contents of my box definitely surpassed that even though everything is sample sized.
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