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Insta-Month June

Healthy Eating Begins // Loving Goddess of the Sea Lipstick // Booking Florida
Enjoying the Heat // Ready for #lincsblogmeet // House Spirit, tee £6 from Primark
Homemade Iced Latte // Pretty Hair // She’s Growing Up Too Fast
The highlights were#lincsblogmeet and going to Bee‘s TWICE! I love spending time with her so much so I feel so flat this weekend. The Superhero Murder Mystery. Managing to loose some weight and really dig in with #WLW. Also, my mum’s birthday yesterday it was so nice. BOOKING FLORIDA 2015!! Oh my God! I can’t explain how excited I am about this! 
Some things I have been loving… Disney, still! Since coming back from DLP I’ve gone into overdrive obsessive. All the things I’m looking forward to incorporate Disney in some way! Cooking healthy meals. I’m actually really enjoying being in the kitchen again. The beautiful sunny weather we had most of June.
My favourite purchase.. Lime Crime’s Red Velvet. Perfect Ariel lip colour.
Biggest regrets have been… Not saving enough money. I have really splurged this month.
Next month I hope… I loose some weight and save some money, same as this month really!
Next month I’m looking forward to… COMICON! My sister’s birthday & going to visit Bee again. Also my parents are away and my sister is off so no doubt we’ll hang out loads. 
June has been a rather stressful month with sorting out next year’s holiday and of course all the blog meet prep. Money was also tight as I haven’t been able to take on as much work as usual due to being so busy with life stuff. It’s weird but I’m actually looking forward to September when things quieten down for a while. I seem to be constantly on the go at the moment, which to be honest, isn’t a bad thing because i’m having a lot of fun (in comparison to last year!) but at the same time, I could do with just chilling for a while! I feel like i’m constantly chasing my tale!
What was the best thing about June for you?
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