Save the Blow Dry Shower Cap Review

Save the Blow Dry Moisture Eliminating Shower Cap* £9.95, Feel Unique

Don’t you hate it when you take a shower and you end up coming out looking like your beautiful blow dried hair have been in a sauna for an hour? Yeah me too. I try to use as little heat on my hair as it is and I’m now also trying to condition my hair so it doesn’t need to be washed as much (mainly due to the amount of dying i’m doing to get it Ariel red at the moment!) Recently I’ve been relying on my new shower buddy, my Save the Blow Dry shower cap. According to the website;
Did you know that, on average, we girls spend over two hours a week blow drying and styling our locks? And so it’s utterly hair-raising when we emerge from our daily shower or bath, to find no vague resemblance to the hair we had a few minutes before!

Our solution was to create a unique shower cap that does what it says. SAVES THE BLOW DRY! Its secret is the combination of a gorgeous, waterproof design with an internal layer of super-absorbent micro weave towelling, which zaps humidity and condensation, bathroom-proofing hair to leave it dry and bouncy.”

Due to it’s double layer it means that my hair is fully protected from the heat, water and humidity that goes along with taking a shower. The towel layer is perfect for keeping the shine to my hair too. This shower cap is also reversible so you can use it when you have a hair mask on (as I’m demonstrating above! The plastic layer is perfect for locking in the moisture, I even use it when dying my hair as it washes clean easily as you can simply stick it in the washing machine on hand wash! 
Although we all know that shower caps aren’t the coolest of fashion accessories, I genuinely love the colour of this one plus the retro pattern is pretty awesome too.This handy shower cap also comes in pink, but I personally prefer the this one. I’ve kept the little plastic bag as it’s perfect for storing the shower cap in while not in use. And great for taking away on holiday. 
Would you invest in a shower cap like this to save your blow dry?
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