Walking Through London: Notting Hill to Soho*

Best London photo I have as my ex deleted a lot of them!
I’m so excited about my impending trip to London as it’s one of my favourite cities in the world. What is special about London, which isn’t the case in other beautiful world cities such as Paris, is that during 30 minutes walking through the city, you can pass through neighbourhoods that are so utterly different from each other. You can wander through the streets when it is nice weather and not only observe the history of the city that is so evident in its architecture, but also notice how vibrant and diverse it is today, and what an eclectic assortment of lives and cultures rub alongside each other. 
Over the past few years London has sprung upon a new craze in farmer’s markets. On every day of the week, somewhere, you will be able to find stalls selling fresh fruit and veg and other delicacies at reasonable prices. One of the best of these is found in a side street just off Notting Hill Gate. It just so happens that this market is also a good spot to start a summer wander through the city. 
For the Foodies
After picking up or simply sampling fresh kale, edible flowers and a wedge of Buffalo cheese, if not too heavily laden you can then walk east towards fancy Holland Park. The houses down here are particularly grand but if you keep going you will reach Shepherd’s Bush, where the scene changes entirely. Scruffy but charming, in Shepherd’s Bush, instead of gourmet pubs and wine bars you will smell the scents of Damascus and Morocco wafting out of the restaurants and cafes along the Uxbridge Road. 
Media City 
Alternatively you can pass through the gorgeous and spacious Holland Park itself and come out the other side at bustling High Street Kensington. Like a lot of London, this street is buzzing with people all the time. There are a couple of nice little organic restaurants along this street and at home time you can watch the swishy media types flock out of Northcliffe House and into the pubs, or up to the cocktail bars in Soho. 
Getting About
As mentioned, walking through these districts is the best way to travel. Though disruptions aren’t as rare as Londoners would like, the bus and underground service is pretty comprehensive, and not too complicated to navigate through if you are coming from abroad. Alternatively, there are services like this one that offer limousine chauffeuring from the airports and throughout the city, from White City to Spitalfields, from Swiss Cottage to Elephant & Castle. 
The naked feet belong to a certain Bee of Journeys are my Diary!
 Do you like visiting London? What do you think makes it a special city?
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