Princess Grace of Monaco Inspired Hair with Glitzy Secrets

Garland of Pearls Head Band* £26, Glitzy Secrets

Firstly, please ignore my huge nose and bumpy skin. Secondly, how bloody beautiful is this hairband? I love pretty things for my hair, which is why I post a lot of outfit posts featuring floral crowns! Anyway, this one comes from Glitzy Secrets, a lovely website that specialises in beautiful hair pieces and jewellery. Their target audience appears to be brides (and why the hell not? I’d LOVE to wear something on my wedding day from Glitzy Secrets!) however I was contacted and asked if I’d like to review something on the back of the new Grace of Monaco movie starting Nicole Kidman as the woman herself. I was so excited because a) their pieces are beautiful and b) Grace Kelly is an ICON! I was asked to create a hair style inspired by Grace Kelly incorporating my chosen hair piece, however when it comes to styling my hair with anything other than salt spray, I’m completely inept. So I’ve gone for the simple scraped back with a bun which she is famous for. 
The piece I have chosen actually 100% reminds me of Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, which probably makes sense as Blair’s fashion sense was modeled heavily on Audrey Hepburn and of course, Grace Kelly.  I love how simple this hair band is, but not at all understated. The pearls and sparkles are perfect to change any basic outfit (like my black top) into something of class, perfect for a night in a bar with cocktails. The name of this specific hairband is Garland of Pearls which I think matches it perfectly.
If you’re currently on the hunt for the perfect hair piece for a special evening out, or you just want to add a bit of class like Grace Kelly into your every day, Glitzy Secret’s is the place to head. Everything on the website is very reasonably priced and as you can see it all comes beautifully boxed and packed. Or perhaps you’re like me and you want to feel like a Princess every day, get yourself a Glitzy Secrets hairband and no one will ever question you again why you’re wearing a tiara in the street! Also, do check out their gorgeous jewellery, I’m completely in love with the Bow of Yester Year bangle!
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