The Warner Brothers Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter

Back in May I FINALLY got to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for my best friend Bee‘s birthday. I have been wanting to go for ages so when she suggested that I went with them as there was space in the car I was there despite it being two days after getting back from DLP. We set off very early in the morning and stopped half way down for a Little Chef breakfast and arrived an hour or so before our booking time of three pm. I had Little Miss with me due to the fact my parents were away for the weekend, although I know in hindsight it wasn’t anything she could enjoy, it was far too dark and not really entertaining enough for her. I definitely plan on returning on my own at some point to really enjoy it to it’s full extent. However, I did manage to take over 200 photos so I thought I’d share them today while I’m away in London (again) enjoying the London Film and Comicon!

I won’t lie, when I entered the room with the castle I did get a little choked up, it was the perfect ending and so breath taking. I can’t wait to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter next year now, and then maybe next summer I’ll make it up to do the studio tour properly! There was so much to see and read but what I did see was fantastic!

Have you been on the Making of Harry Potter tour yet?
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