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Outfit of the Day – Legs Are Required for Jumping, Dancing

Today I’m sharing with you the first ever outfit of the day not taken in my kitchen! Last week I finally felt brave enough to head out into the big wide world armed with my camera and my tripod to shoot an outfit of the day IN PUBLIC! As Little Miss was at nursery I went down to the beach which due to it being so windy was pretty dead, thank goodness! I did feel awkward and it was so sunny (hence the sunglasses!) but I did it, and you know what? I want to do it again! I want my photography skills to improve even if that means making a fool of myself posing around town. I’ve always been so envious of bloggers who have someone to take fantastic outfit photos out and about, but now I know i’m brave enough (if it’s not too busy) to set up my tripod and make a go of it! 
Before we move onto the photos I want to apologise to Megan of The Briar Rose Blog as I feel dreadful for appearing to have copied a whole post she’s done as I’m wearing the same jumper on a beach much like the wonderful (and a million times better) post she shared a couple of weeks back. She looks perfect, doesn’t she? 
Anyway, here are my beachy shots (I’m preparing myself for my first onslaught of negative comments, so I’ll try not get too upset about it if they arrive!) 

Ariel Jumper £30, ASOS
Organza Overlay Skirt £15, Boohoo
Navy Blue Blouse (ancient), Next
Collar Pins £1, Ever Ours
Mint Green Satchel £6, Primark
Scout Marilyn Prescription Sunglasses* £75, Glasses Direct
Ever since the most recent copy of the ASOS magazine landed on my doormat I have been lusting after this Ariel jumper that Dakota Fanning wore in her interview. So much so I think I badgered the ASOS Twitter account for two straight weeks about it. As soon as it was there on my “new in” page I had popped it into my virtual basket and paid. I have worn it a few times already as it’s perfect for just throwing on around the house as well as being part of a carefully selected outfit (like the one above) that makes me feel like Ariel. This is the second time I have paired it with this skirt that I first featured back in April as it’s the most tail colour and definitely has the right amount of swoosh in it! I do find the neck of the jumper a little bit “round” (odd I know) so I try to always wear a shirt under it. Today I went for navy blouse I have from the Next sale last summer, I think the dark blue is a great contrast with the pastels. And finally some collar pins I bought for a bargain of £1 from Ever Ours. The mint green satchel finishes off the outfit and is the third one I own from Primark, I also have cream and red. You really can’t go wrong with one in every colour for £6 and despite it being small it fits so much in it! The glasses were a definite necessary today with the sun being so bright! Look out a review post of these (which I also shot on the beach at the same time) later on in the week.
Would you be brave enough to take outfit photos on your own in public? Who do you get to take your photos?
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