Cocktails in Teacups is on Blog-cation & North East Blogger Awards

Evening guys! After considering this idea for a few days now, I have decided to put Cocktails in Teacups officially on holiday until Tuesday 22nd July. That will then be a week without no real posts as my last post was on Monday past. This may be a dumbass move when I’m so close to 1000 followers but I really feel like I need the break. 
I have spent the last year blogging pretty much every day and working so hard on improving my content and photos. I really think it’s paying off and I do dearly love improving my blog daily. However after being away and busy all weekend as well as having a virus I feel so bloody exhausted at the moment I just need to not sit on my computer all evening and during the day I just want to spend time with Little Miss as my 10 days without her edges ever closer and I’m starting to feel sick about. 
Anyway, I don’t want to dwell on all the negative reasons I’m putting Cocktails in Teacups on a Blog-cation. The positive reasons are I want to sit down and spend time editing my photos from LFCC and catch up on some admin work that I have recently let slide.
But there is something I’d really like from all my readers…
Firstly, if you have any CONSTRUCTIVE feedback about my blog, be it layout, posts you’d like to see, stuff you would like to see less of etc please can you comment about it below. I will be taking it all on board as I wish to make some improvements to Cocktails in Teacups as we enter the next 1000 readers (eek!).
Secondly, if you enjoy reading my blog I would love for you to vote for me in the North East Blogger Awards in the “NE Lifestyle” category (or any others you think i’d fit). There is huge competition up here as there are some absolutely outstanding bloggers and blogs but it would be a dream come true to be shortlisted!
Thank you so much in advance, and don’t miss me too much!
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