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Outfit of the Day – We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Hello! This is my second outfit post that I felt brave enough to shoot outside. However this time I cheated a little and did it around my mum’s house rather than in some public place. There is of course a half decent reason for this, as in I only get to shoot them when Little Miss is in nursery on a Tuesday and Wednesday. I never want to stray too far as I like to be prompt in picking her up. Not that she’s ever looking for me!
I took these during my blog-cation last week and I’m pretty pleased with how they’ve come out. 

Lotta Rosie Hairband in Ebony £18, Crown and Glory
Blue Check T-Shirt Smock Dress £55, The Whitepepper
Retro Sunglasses £38.64, Firmoo
Silver Jelly Shoes £6, Primark
A few weeks ago my Grandad kindly gave me some money as he’d helped pay for my sisters new floor at her house. I used the majority of it for my weekend at LFCC, saved some and then treated myself to a dress for my holiday. This dress actually featured on my holiday wishlist a few weeks back as I have wanted it for a while now however it was far to far out my budget. Then The Whitepepper informed me via Twitter than new customers could get 10% off their first purchase and free delivery. So I finally felt like I could afford it, and boy am I glad I did. It is BEAUTIFUL! Perfect length and a smock shape that doesn’t swamp you. I cannot wait to wear it on my holiday as although it’s lined, it’s loose enough to not make you feel sticky. It has a button up back and cute little pockets. It’s probably my favourite dress ever and now I really want the pink version or this sleeveless number
I’ve teamed it with my favourite Lotta Rosie hairband from Crown and Glory, because after all, black goes with everything! I think the Lotta Rosie size and shape fits my head perfectly and I’m desperately lusting after a new one, perhaps the blue one I featured on my holiday wishlist? It’s also the perfect dress to wear with my jelly shoes which take me right back to my youth. I always feel weird wearing them when LM is wearing hers but I don’t care, they cost £6 and are bloody comfy. Finally, to finish off the outfit my good ol’ specs from Firmoo. I haven’t looked at my prescription free sunnies since these babies came into my life! 
I know there isn’t much to this outfit post, no jewellery and few accessories, but sometimes the simplest outfits are the best, and this has to be one of my favourites. 
Do you have a favourite outfit that makes you feel really good when wearing it? 
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