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Summer means many things for many people, and one of the things it stands for is the music festival season. Festivals have been around for many years but they’re now more popular than ever. However, they can also be incredibly expensive and therefore might not be feasible.

If you fancy attending a music festival but can’t do so for whatever reason, then why not make your own? Here’s some tips on doing just that…

The music 

A music festival without the music is just people standing around in a field getting drunk, so it’s naturally a pretty important part of the whole thing! If you happen to know anyone who plays music then they could play a few tunes for everyone, but if not then you can just make a music playlist and play it through some speakers. Spotify is excellent for letting people choose whatever music they want and creating custom playlists.

Make it look the part 

Your festival could end up looking like you’re just dancing around in your garden unless you dress it up a little. You can buy all sorts of decorations to create a festival atmosphere and even set up a marquee to protect yourself from bad weather. These festoon lights from would really add to the ambience and make you feel like you’re not just in your back garden.
If you want the true festival experience then you should try camping in the garden as well. You can set the tents up in a circle and have a little fire in the middle (if you’re careful not to ruin your garden), around which you can sing songs and toast snacks. For the really authentic camping experience then you need to ensure someone tips over the guy ropes every five minutes.

You can make it family friendly
A lot of festivals aren’t really suitable for children, but your own festival can be tailored for whoever you want. If you’re getting your children involved then you can play music that’s appropriate for them and ensure that adults’ drunken behaviour is restricted to once they’ve gone to bed.

Prepare for the weather  

As you may have seen from the news in the past, music festivals can be muddy affairs if the weather isn’t great. As mentioned earlier, you could set up a marquee to protect you from the rain or you can ensure everyone brings some spare clothes with them in case they get wet. Or you can embrace the whole thing and dance in the rain and go sliding down the garden in the water!


Festivals aren’t the place for gourmet food so don’t do anything fancy. A BBQ is a pretty good idea but it should be done on one of those cheap disposable BBQs that take 4 hours to heat up. If all else fails then a Pot Noodle will suffice.


Just use the one in the house. For the love of God don’t do this the authentic way!

Guest post by David Ryan
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