19th August – Adventure is Out There

Good morning from Washington DC! I can’t believe i’m here! Yesterday was a very long day, I was up at 7:00 and didn’t get to bed until gone 4am GMT but it was actually only 11pm here. The current time it quarter past 6 as i’m wide awake so I decided to take this chance to blog before showering and heading out for the day.

Yesterday had its good and bad points. The flight itself was 45 minutes early due to a good tail wind, the food was good and I watched Anchorman 2 & Chef as well as New Girl, Two and a Half Men and Sex and the City. However the train down was over booked, and the airport transfer was a nightmare! I wouldn’t recommend Super Shuttle to my worst enemy.

The hotel is AMAZING! Gorgeously modern, staff so frriendly and can’t do enough for you, and there are even people on the door. The last time I stayed in a hotel with people on the door was in that hotel Bee won a night in! The room is insane, I swear the bed is the size of three singles lined up! There are Molten Brown products in the bathroom & even a mini bar! I could get used to this life.

I’m so glad I chose to come here, as soon as I stepped out the hotel I was greeted by a wall of heat. I love the US, I love the smell, the people, the food. The houses here are beautiful, all those porches.. I think I was an American in a past life because I just love being here. I feel so blessed that this is my 6th visit and I plan on enjoying every minute. Starting now.

So here are some snaps (mainly of food and drink haha) from yesterday as i’m off to jump in the shower. Adventure really is out there.

i’ll be updating again whenever I get a chance so keep your eyes peeled!

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