20th August – There’s The Whole World at Your Feet

Once again i’m up incredibly early (although it was 6am today and not 5am) i’m showered and dressed so now i’m sat at the desk in the hotel room with a bottle of Half & Half Nantucket Nectars (my new favourite drink) blogging before breakfast. In a few hours i’m meeting some friends who are coming in from West Virginia, I haven’t seen them in 5 years so we’re going to the Smithsonian, hanging out and eating Chipotle. It’ll be nice to have company after two days with none!
Anyway, enough about the day that hasn’t happened yet! Yesterday was amazing! I spent the morning in Georgetown. Oh Georgetown, you have stolen my heart. If I had the money and means, i’d live there tomorrow. It’s so pretty. All my favourite shops, beautiful houses, clean streets, history and greenery. I had breakfast in Starbucks (iced latte & warmed croissant) I wandered around Francis Scott Key park, I visited Georgetown Cupcake (the home of the show DC Cupcakes, a program I watched while doing night feeds) and I had a Blueberry Cheesecake cupcake, I got some bargains in TJ Hughes.. it was the perfect start to my holiday!
In the afternoon I decided that it would be smart to walk from the hotel to The White House & along The Mall. It wasn’t. In hindsight it was very stupid! It was over 80 degrees and very humid and due to sandals rubbing I ended up with blisters the size of my face. It was worth it though. It was amazing to see The White House, Washington Monument and of course the Lincoln Monument which has always been my favourite. I sat outside the monument and looked down The Mall, ticking off something else from my bucket list. I then made another dumbass mistake of walking back to the hotel. I did stop at Devon & Blakely to pick up the most delicious sandwich. I went back to the hotel to plot my next move and have a little floor picnic!
After I had stuck plasters all over my feet I headed out again and caught the bus which costs $1 anywhere on the route, to Union Station. I walked around Capitol Square for about an hour until it started to rain. I took the bus back up towards the hotel again. After a little tv time (and soaking my feet in the tub, I braved the rain for dinner, choosing Burger, Tap & Shake. I sat at the bar & had re-fillable Ice Tea, the 6 Buck Chuck which is basically a standard cheeseburger cooked to your liking (medium rare) and some sweet potato fries. The burger official was the best burger and the whole meal came to $12! If you’re in DC, I 100% recommend this place. I took a walk back to the hotel and spent the rest of the evening watching ABC.

And here is the reason why I’m limping today due to giant blisters…
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