Brand of the Month – Weleda

It has been a little while since I did a Brand of the Month, so here it is, Weleda. I was first introduced to Weleda when organasing the #lincsblogmeet but seemingly this brand has been around for YEARS and have some big celebrity fans. At the #lincsblogmeet Una gave a fantastic talk and introduction to the company for any newbies like myself and it seems that Weleda has been leading the way in natural wellbeing for years, once again.. I’m not sure how I missed the memo because since receiving these three products not only have I seen Weleda everywhere, I’ve sort of fallen in love. In everyone’s #lincblogmeet goody bag there was a Body Oil but I was lucky enough to win Skin Food and Citrus Deodorant and I have been using all three religiously since the weather suddenly because so warm and muggy. 
Starting with the Citrus Deodorant* RRP £8.95. When my roll on ran out I thought i’d give it a whirl. The bottle is glass which my only negative point as it isn’t particularly handbag friendly but I love how easy it is to spritz on and the fact the bottle is reusable. But the best part of all, it smells amazing! The best way to describe it is, mojito which is probably because of it being citrus scented. It’s so fresh, cooling and great when the weather is hot. It doesn’t work like an antiperspirant but it does keep you fresh and it doesn’t transfer onto your clothes. 
Next up is the Citrus Refreshing Body Oil* RRP £13.95. Again, this smells like a mojito which I am totally cool with. I have been using to combat my summer dry patches after I get out of the shower every evening and I like how it isn’t greasy in the slightest. It also cools any red patches that I may have missed when applying suncream (the back of my neck, whoops!) and works like an after sun. Like with the deodorant, it is the smell that sells me, it reminds me of summer and holidays and I look forward to using this long into the winter. 
Finally, Skin Food* RRP 6.95. I don’t know how i’ve lived my life without Skin Food. I suffer from dry patches (as mentioned above) in particularly on my feet and ankles and because I have trouble with picking my skin when stressed after the anxiety of Comicon I had pretty much destroyed them. In the past I’ve used Soap and Glory’s Heel Genius but even this did nothing. Then I tried Skin Food and in less than a week my feet were so much better! I will be repurchasing this when it runs out for sure. It has a very “organic” smell which doesn’t bother me as it’s going on my feet most of the time and I really rate the consistency as it’s light and not greasy in the slightest.
I feel really pleased that I came away from the #lincsblogmeet with not just one Weleda product to try but three as I’m pretty impressed with the brand as a whole. I am really interested in trying a few more products now I know they’re available in Boots
Have you ever heard of Weleda? What products do you recommend by them?
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