The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Spring Quarter, First Impressions

This is a long time coming. I have been over the past month and a half I have been slowly going through my #lincsblogmeet goody bag and sampling everything that would be suitable for me. A lot of it was skincare which requires a fair amount of time to try out (at least six weeks with my skin) but other things, like this Discovery Club box could have been reviewed earlier. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, I’m lame but at least now I have tried the female perfumes a few times and my dad had a chance to try the male ones as he took them away with him to Greece.
So, what is Discovery Club* (RRP £5/quarter)? It’s a fragrance box (much like the Birchbox, Glossy Box etc) by The Fragrance Shop, that arrives on your door stop quarterly (so once every three months) for the price of £20 a year. Inside you receive a selection of fragrance samples suited to the season (this box I’m reviewing is from the Spring quarter) and not only does it include well loved names, but it also includes information as well as previews of what is soon to released. Not only that but it includes discounts on full size versions of each of the samples included.
The Discovery Club packaging is beautiful and definitely has the luxury feel to it. It’s great for people like me who tend to stick to the same scent or brand, this way you can try new products without forking out the full price or purchasing on whim after a quick wiff in a shop. This way you can trial each of the samples that arrive a few times before taking the plunge and buying the full bottle. There is also a magazine include that is filled with information about the sample. 
This quarter the box included five samples of female fragrances and two for males which are what I passed onto my dad. Of the five I would be tempted into buying three of the bottles because I really liked the way they smelt on my skin. My dad liked both of the males, but as he isn’t a season blogger he wouldn’t give me anymore than they smelt “good” typical man. So here are my first thoughts of the five female scents;
If I’m honest, I always thought Guerlain was an old lady perfume brand however I was pleasantly surprised by this little number! It wasn’t at all old lady smelling, in fact it smells quite classy! It was the one I took away with me to LFCC and I found it did linger pretty well even after a sweaty day in Earls Court. This was one of the ones I would consider buying, although it does smell a lot more grown up than my usual Marc Jacobs collection. 
Now this was one of the ones that I wasn’t too keen on. It smelt horrible on my skin, however it did smell nice on my sister. I think what put me off was the fact it is quite strong and pungent which is’t something I go for. It also wasn’t florally enough for me. 
Of all the perfumes in the Spring quarter box, in my opinion this one reminded me most of Spring & Summer. A really light florally fragrance, perfect for Spring which is right up my street. I was really sad when it finished as I had enjoyed wearing it. It lasted pretty well unless I started to get a bit sweaty then it faded which was a bit of a shame with it being a fragrance created for the warmer longer days. Never mind, I still liked it. 
Urgh, this one I really didn’t like. It was too strong for me but then again I have never liked Tierry Mugler perfumes. I wouldn’t say I set out to not like it though, but really after one spray and I wanted it off. Not my cup of tea at all. 
I have always been a fan of the Very Irresistible range from Givenchy, in fact my first adult perfume was the original which I do still love. L’Eau en Rose probably isn’t my favourite but it was enjoyable to wear, light and perfect for S/S. I would buy it if I had the cash spare, but if I had to chose I’d still much rather go for the original.
The two male scents I received were Valentino Uomo EDT & Loewe Solo Sport EDT.
For a £5 box, it was pretty impressive and I’d definitely consider signing up for the whole year… if it wasn’t for the fact I’m pretty hopelessly devoted to Marc Jacobs. Oh well, I’ll definitely be recommending it instead!
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