A Wednesday Wishlist – Things For The House*

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about all the things I wish I could do to the house to really finish it off. After a year of being in it, there are still empty walls and curtains that don’t quite fit.. not to mention one specific carpet I would love to rip up! So as it’s been a while since I put together a Wednesday Wishlist, I’m sharing today one of some of the bits and pieces I have my eye on to really finish off my house. Some are realistic, some are not. Of course they all have to really wait until I get back off holiday next April and even then I think I already have a new saving project lined up for after that, I just can’t help these itchy feet and my cosplaying ambitions!
Starting in the top left, and my bedroom.. yes that royal blue carpet is the one I’m desperate to pull up. It is HORRIBLE and gets fluffy so easy. If someone gave me a grant for house decorating, that would be the first thing I did. It doesn’t look so bad now the walls are white, but every time I have to tackle it with the hoover, I’d cry. I’d love a nice cream carpet like the one on my wishlist as I think it would help make the room brighter as it only really gets light first thing in the morning (sucks to me trying having a lie in, huh?!) I’m also really lacking in storage in my room at the moment. I’m so used to having a bed with space under it to store my winter clothes. I have a gap of wall that would fit this Malibu 5 Drawer Tall Boy in perfectly. All the furniture in my bedroom is this same range from Argos so it would match up perfectly. Then to sit on top of it and become home to my fast growing Crown and Glory collection, this gorgeous Cut Out Heart Wooden Tray which is currently on sale from the wonderful Gifts and Pieces. I think after that, short of wall art my room will finally be completed.
As mentioned in my last house related post, I want to make Little Miss’ room more grown up. At the moment it’s still in it’s nursery phase with a little rocking horse and a Dearest Bambi nursery collection, she’s now over two and a half and a little girl rather than a baby. I have a whole range ready for when she’s out of her toddler bed but nothing for the inbetween stage she’s in now. Then I came across this perfect Princess Range from Next. The bedding will fit in perfectly with the colour scheme of her room and the canopy definitely adds that little princess touch! I also want to get some of those stick on mirrors that aren’t really glass(safety first!). They come in a range of shapes but I really like the circle ones. Although she does have black out curtains in her room there is still no escaping some light filtering through (unless I tape them to do the window frame, which has crossed my mind when she’s been up at 4am!) However, I’ve recently discovered that VELUX do a Disney range. Unfortunately at the moment they’re only available in the room window range, but it is something to consider in the future should I remain in this house if I ever have another child and need the attic converted. They have some gorgeous princess ones that would be perfect for Little Miss.
Finally, for my lounge, I REALLY want to finally get rid of the hand me down curtains my sister gave me when I moved in, they don’t really fit my window. As I don’t need black out curtains in my lounge, I love the Oyster Suedette Curtains as like with in my bedroom, I try to keep the lounge as light as possible because it doesn’t get as much natural light as the back of the house. And finally, with Christmas falling into this half of the year and Little Miss already having a fair few toys, I don’t want to be caught short with lack of storage space. This Pine Storage Trolley would be perfect as I could divide everything up and only get one box out at a time. Now that her wooden kitchen is in her bedroom I have more than enough room for this. 
Are there any rooms in your house you’d really like to finish off?
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