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 “Remember When…” A4 Print* RRP £14.99, Chatterbox Walls

One of my favourite parts of personalising a home is choosing what will be adorning the walls. I won’t lie, being a blogger has been brilliant this time around as I’ve been lucky enough to review products that I have dearly loved and happily put up around my home. So of course when Chatterbox Walls contacted me to ask if I wanted to review a product from their wide selection, I instantly agreed.
Chatterbox Walls is a company that specialises in personalised wall art of the text variety. I was pretty excited as I had a few similar pieces favourited on Etsy but I’d never gotten around to picking anything. The site is incredibly easy to use, you simply select the style you want, follow the instructions to typing your own names, words, dates or phrases, you then pick the colours and the website shows you a preview of your finished piece. I toyed with the idea of getting one for my parents but it isn’t really their style and I didn’t want it pinned on the fridge for a couple of months then stashed away, so instead I ordered something that could have a special place in our home. 
I went for a Remember When… Style in A4* which retails for £14.99. I decided to write in things that are relevant to Little Miss and I at this point in our life as she won’t be two forever. It’ll serve as a nice reminder. It’s now hanging in my hallway and we’ve taken to reading it on the way up to bed (her bed that is). It has things that are important in our lives, favourite foods, Disney, our first holiday abroad, hobbies.. and I finished it off with the line “you are my new dream” for any Disney fan you’ll instantly know where that comes from.. And if you’re not, in Tangled Flynn tells Rapunzel “you were my new dream” it’s been something that stuck with me as I’m no longer living out any of my new dreams, but it doesn’t matter because our life together is my new dream. I say this to Little Miss daily. It also has special importance as Tangled was the first Disney movie I watched after becoming a mother. I watched it with Little Miss in my arms. 
ANYWAY, that’s enough of the soppy stuff.
The service from Chatterbox Walls was excellent, they made it clear straight away what I was reviewing and although yes, it is an A4 sheet of photography paper the delivery, the communication with the staff and the fact the printing is impeccable truly covers the price. You can pay extra for a frame but I bought one from Boots for £2.25 and it looks wonderful framed on my wall. I think I’m definitely tempted into getting another one to hang in Little Miss bedroom. They would make a wonderful birthday, anniversary or wedding gift too!
What sort of thing do you like hanging on your walls? Do you like personalised or generic?
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