August 2014 Birchbox, First Impressions

I’m glad I’ve managed to get this post up quicker this month. My third Birchbox arrived last week and I’ve had enough time to have a try of all the products, so here are my first impressions of the contents.
This months theme is Away We Go, and unfortunately, I’ll have to say I wasn’t as thrilled with my contents this month. Maybe it’s because I didn’t recognise any of the brands, or maybe it’s because the product selection just didn’t appeal. Whatever it was, only one of the products really grabbed me. But I guess that’s just the luck of the draw.

The novelty of getting a beauty box through the post every month hasn’t worn off yet. I still get ridiculously excited and the unboxing is probably one of my favourite parts. I am definitely continuing with my subscription but I’m sad to say that this time I’ll only be using a couple of products and only one of those I was actually thrilled to receive. 
Not only that, the little clear bag that the products came in, instead of the usual draw string bag, arrived broken! The zip was stuck half way along (as you can see in the photo). I was a little sad as it would have been perfect for my holiday!
Anyway, the contents..
“A leave-in conditioning spray to detangle and protect against head and sun damage”
When I first glanced at this I was super excited as I love trying out new products on my hair. But I knew after one spritz we weren’t going to get on. For starters, I don’t like the smell and it did linger on my hair which in some cases, it’s what you want, right? Not if the smell gives you a headache! I also didn’t like the type of spray bottle it was.. as I’m someone with a lot of hair to cover it took ages! I love products that distribute the product evenly and easily. Also.. the bottle was a little too clinical for me but I can see why some people would love it.

 A multi-action exfoliator to ensure a renewed, refreshed complexion”
Even the name of this frightens me. Presented in a clinical bottle I was already nervous as usually these products are too harsh for my skin. Alas, after one use, I was right. Anything that claims to improve skin texture is a big no no for my sensitive skin.. instead of improving my skins texture it left me with a lovely dry patch on my forehead. Although it does claim to contain Aloe Vera, there just wasn’t enough to soothe my skin after the deep clean using the micro crystals it also contains. 

“This nourishing oil is rich in omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 for hydrated smooth skin”
The third product that will not be used past the first test.. I hate face oils.. I’m sorry bit I have to throw that out there. I hate how greasy it leaves my skin and this one didn’t melt in particularly quickly meaning I woke up with skin stuck to my face. I also didn’t like the smell. I’ve passed it onto my mum in hopes she can get some use out of it. 
“A natural shade-adjusting CC cream with SPF to smooth fine lines and even out skin tone”
Although I wasn’t happy with the size of this sample (although I did get two) as inside it was enough to barely cover my whole face.. I will be using this one as it contains SPF 35. At the moment I’m avoiding wearing foundation and instead using BB cream or tinted moisturiser.. this falls perfectly in this category and I have used it the past two days.. I’m pretty sad it’s all gone now though. I loved the texture and it blended in perfectly so I felt happy going without my foundation. Such a shame how little was in each tube! 
“Highlight the brow bone, cheekbones and inner corners of eye with this chunky pencil”
Now this product I was happy about! I’ve been in the market for a new nude liner that I can use on my lower water line to make my eyes look bigger & brighter, as well as using in contouring. This is perfect! Not only that but you can use it around your lips to stop your lipstick bleeding. The creamy texture is perfect for blending into too. It’s already earned it’s permanent place in my make up bag and I’m even taking it away with me next week. 
& The Little Lifestyle Extra… The Proposal by Tasmina Perry
A Birchbox subscription costs £12.95 (which includes the postage) and you get a great selection of items to try in decent size sample bottles (or in the case of the Chella pencil, full size). I will be continuing my subscription and recommending it to anyone who asks about beauty boxes. 
What do you think of the products I received this month? 
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