#FriendshipGrows, A Celebration of Friendship with Chisholm Hunter

Last week I was sent this wonderful box of goodies by Chisholm Hunter as part of their #FriendshipsGrows campaign. This campaign celebrates friendships that have blossomed through blogging and the stories that go along with them. I’m very grateful I have been lucky enough to make a lot of fantastic friends through blogging who have helped me through the darkest of times. But as ever, I wanted to put my spin on this.. I wanted to talk about how blogging has helped me keep up to date with my most important friend, Bee of Journeys are my Diary.
The hardest part of deciding to move back home was knowing that I was having to leave my friends behind, especially Bee. We’d been living together for a few months and although I know it wasn’t healthy for any of us, it had been such a nice summer spending every night together. We’d drank, stayed up late, gossiped.. she’d held me together when I was struggling as a new mum going through a messy break up. But not only that, I’d become used to living close to her, and even for the couple of years I didn’t, I’d become used to having a good income and flexible shifts to come and visit as much as I wanted. I knew moving away, this time with no money and a baby would mean I wouldn’t be able to come see her as much. And that was a crushing blow. 
I won’t lie, and be “oh yeah, because we both blog it’s been super easy” because it hasn’t. I started my blog in the September and Bee followed in the January, but it did take us both time to find our feet. But now, although we often go days of texting all day.. sometimes we don’t because life (especially with children) does take over. But as we both blog regularly we’re able to keep up to date with the little things in life that we often miss out over text because we’re too busy planning something. Not only that but blogging is another common hobby we share and together we pulled off #lincsblogmeet back in June.
Bee is without a doubt the best friend anyone could as for. She’s smart, funny, ridiculously amazing at planning parties, actually she’s just fab at planning anything in general. We like the same things, we have the same sort of humour and she always always has my back. She’s also amazingly kind and generous with the right amount of bitchiness thrown in (hey, we are girls!) She has the best ideas about everything.. if you want to do something, Bee will find away.. She always lets me be the princess too, which is an added bonus. I love her like a sister and yeah, in the past I guess we’ve had arguements like sisters do, but we always end up being friends again. I hope i’m wise enough now to know whatever she does and says is for the best. 
She’s the Elsa to my Anna, she’s the Elphaba to my Glinda.
This year is 10 years since we first met, 10 years next month actually. And next year will be 10 years since we became best friends. I have never had a friend like her, and nor do I ever think I will again, so I’m damn sure going to make sure I hold onto her. Although we didn’t meet through blogging, it’s become an important part of making sure we don’t miss even the little things (like any new make up we buy) in each others lives.. and to me.. that’s really damn important. 
Bee, I hope you like your friendship gift box. Love you xxx
Thank you Chisholm Hunter for sending both myself and my best friend a gift box, I hope our friendship continues to grow.
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