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The study of Feng Shui focuses on placing objects in certain ways in order to promote positive energies. Using these techniques, people aim to create balanced environments that help to provide users with wisdom and that enable them to think clearly.

This may all seem a bit far out for the modern office environment, but some companies are trying these ancient techniques in a bid to boost their success. Organisations as high-profile as British Airways and Heron International reportedly use Feng Shui in a bid to bolster employee morale and productivity.

If you’re keen to harness the potential power of this art in your working area, take a look at these top tips.
Clear the clutter
First and foremost, make sure you clear any unnecessary clutter out of your office. If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to throw your Feng Shui out of kilter, it’s untidiness. To help you bring order to your working space, you may benefit from investing in extra storage solutions, such as the bookcases and cupboards offered by companies like Furniture At Work™.

It’s also worth considering implementing a clear desk policy. By making sure your workers tidy their workstations at the end of each day, you can help ensure that clutter doesn’t build up.

Get your colour scheme spot on  

It’s also a good idea to consider your colour scheme. According to the principles of Feng Shui, colours have differing energies, so it’s important to ensure your walls, flooring and furniture are spot on. For example, red is a very high energy colour, while blue and cream are more relaxing. Whether you decide to opt for vibrant, energetic colours or calming hues will depend on the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

On a similar point, make sure your lighting sets the right mood. You may benefit from replacing harsh ceiling lights with more gentle uplights and lamps.
Face desks away from walls 
One big no no from a Feng Shui perspective is to put your desks facing walls. Instead, workers should always have their backs to such partitions. Even if practical constraints make achieving this difficult in your working space, it may be worth having a go.

In addition, try to make sure your employees benefit from as much natural light as possible.

Introduce some greenery 
Plants are well used by Feng Shui experts as a means of oxygenating the atmosphere. If your working area is lacking in greenery, now could be the time to stock up on some foliage and flowers. If you’re really keen to add extra plants to your office, you can check out the green walls that are now available. These creations make a real design statement.

Common sense  

Even if you don’t believe in the principles of Feng Shui, many of the ideas espoused by experts in the field make simple practical sense if nothing else. Keeping your office free of clutter, choosing a well thought out colour scheme, making the most of any natural light and including plants are all things that the majority of conventional office designers would recommend.

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