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Outfit of the Day – Swan Fake

Tulle Skirt Dress* £5, Everything 5 Pounds
Beige Jumper (last season), H&M
Disneyland Castle Necklace (won on Instagram), Charitycase Photography
Moonstone Ring (last season), Dixi
Crop Tights £2.99, New Look
Infinity Anklet £3.50, Charmed Ivy
Princess Decoupage Ballet Pumps £25, Sleeping Beauty Shoes
If I look tired in these photos, it’s because I was extremely tired and I got into a serious fight with my eyeliner, although if i’m honest.. sometimes I just really hate my face… but yeah, lets not get into my self esteem issues on this particular outfit post. 
This outfit has been long over due, but since the weather has been warm I haven’t felt the need for a jumper like this. Until now. Now it feels like Autumn is truly here and although I’m yet to turn the heating on, I have definitely been wrapping myself and Little Miss up much more warmly. I won’t lie, I’m so happy to be reunited with my knitwear.
Everyone has style influences right? Mine consist of Zooey Deschanel, Mary Margaret Blanchard, Blair Waldorf, Disney characters and finally, ballerinas. I rock a lot of tulle, I always have. One of my favourite ways to style a tulle skirt is with a sweater worn slightly off one shoulder in true ballerina style. I also love ballet pumps but struggle to keep most of my feet as I’m a 2.5 (and you can’t buy that shoe size ANYWHERE!) Anyway, so when this beautiful dressed popped through my letter box from Everything 5 Pounds, I just knew how I would wear it, I just had to wait for the weather to turn. If you haven’t heard of Everything 5 Pounds, I suggest you head over to the website now because everything is.. you guessed it.. £5! When I was saving to go travelling (before I had Little Miss) this was where myself and my housemate ordered our weekly going out dresses from. I still love a browse when I fancy something new as 4 years later I still live on a budget. It has some really beautiful on trend pieces, perfect if you recycle your wardrobe every season and you don’t feel like splashing out!
So I teamed the dress with one of my favourite crop H&M jumpers from last season, which I think cost around £12.99 and I have it in two colours. It’s so cosy! Crop tights for the ultimate ballet look and my one of a kind Princess pumps. The little details are a gorgeous Disneyland (California) castle necklace that I was lucky enough to win on Instagram from Charitycase Photography and a moonstone ring that I bought in one of Dixi Jewellery’s sales last year. The anklet is a recent buy from one of my favourite online jewellery stores, Charmed Ivy. I wore it the whole time I was on holiday and even after (hence it being worn in this outfit post). It is so pretty and at £3.50, was a complete bargain.
I really love this casual kind of look, it’s my go to for both Spring and Autumn. Do you have any go to outfits for transitional seasons?
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