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The Glitterati with Crown & Glory September 2014

Earlier on in the week, I received this months Glitterati Box from Crown & Glory. The little “secret” Facebook group had been a buzz with excitement and from the 2nd on we’ve all been sharing the contents of our boxes. I’d like to add a note in here that the girls on the group are all LOVELY, so supportive and it’s a great way to swap for pieces that you feel will suit you more, which is important because these are blind boxes. Last month I swapped my small purple Not A Lotta Rosie for a Whole Lotta Rosie in mint which is much more my style. However, this month I don’t have anything to swap!
Mine arrived the morning of the 2nd while I was out, but my mum kindly picked it up from the Post Office for me. The boxes are shipped on the 1st, so for it to arrive on the 2nd is pretty awesome and it means I don’t have long to wait after my subscription goes out. It’s definitely one of my favourite things about The Glitterati

I can’t do a round up of prices this month because a few of these pieces aren’t on the website. However, the anemone hairband & the intergalactic starlight crown (RRP £15 each) have been on my list for months so getting them both has really been a fantastic bonus! I especially adore the colours of the intergalactic starlight crown because they aren’t available on the website and really compliment my hair. I also love the owl bobbi pin, because well, I love owls! The ears are something I would have never picked for myself but they will no doubt come in handy for some form of fancy dress, whether it be for me or for Little Miss. 
I also got a piece from the upcoming Rock n’ Roll Bride collection that isn’t even available on the site yet! There seem to have been a choice between gold, silver or the multi coloured one I received. I really love the multi coloured one, but as yet I’m not sure how I’m going to incorporate it into my wardrobe. It was still a lovely thing to received and such an honour to receive it before it’s even available on the website. 
I will be continuing my subscription with Crown & Glory’s The Glitterati again next month as it’s such a great value for money box (especially if you’re like me and buy something for your hair at least once a month!) I have a few blogger events this month so you can guarantee my tresses are going to look awesome. The subscription is £20 a month and that includes this postage. 
What do you think of this months The Glitterati box? Does it inspire you to sign up?
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