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I have one final post to do about my trip, and I think I’m putting off doing it because a) it’s long as it’s all my photos from my Niagara Falls tour, and b) because after it’s done it’ll really feel like my holiday is behind me! So instead, I’m going to share with your some snaps of what I treated myself to. ‘Cause let’s face it, it’s not a holiday without some shopping! 
This is purely my own “personal” haul. I also bought gifts for Little Miss and my family to say thank you for looking after her for me. I also did a fair bit of Christmas shopping, again for Little Miss but also Bee (and both her girls), Kariss, Hayley, my nephew and  my sister’s boyfriend. I feel pretty organised in that department.
ANYWAY, what did I buy? 

Looking at it all laid out, I realise I actually bought a lot! Thank god I was great at packing and left loads of room in my case. Last time I went out I brought back a lot of a food stuffs which resulted in my case being opened at customs CRINGE, however before I went this time I read a great tip about removing labels from products and not over buying in the food department to avoid this happening. It actually worked (although it does mean that a lot of stuff I bought as gifts doesn’t have a tag on anymore!) 
The stores that got most of my money were TJ Maxx (the US branch of TK Maxx), Sephora, The Disney Store (although that was all gifts) and Hot Topic. Although as usually I picked up a few touristy bits. In DC I bought a Ruby Slippers magnet & Christmas Tree decoration from The Museum of American History. In New York I picked up a keyring with my name on, another Christmas tree decoration (and I brought one back for my mum). Then at Niagara Falls I picked up a snow globe (as I have one from NYC & Paris), another decoration for my tree & a Maid of the Mist magnet with the year on so I can say “that’s the year I saw Niagara Falls” ha. 
In TJ Maxx I bought some Christmas gifts but for myself I bought an AMAZING smelling candle by Chesapeake Bay it’s Vanilla Bean Butternut Pumpkin Patch and it smells exactly like Pumpkin Spiced Lattes! It was $2.99! I also got some Skinny Girl Syrup in Salted Caramel for $3! The same day I picked up a pack of Starbucks Via Pink Lemonade for $5.75 (as it was on offer). Starbucks had some amazing drinks that we don’t have over here in store too such as iced chai latte, blueberry mojito iced tea lemonade to name a few! 
In Sephora I didn’t spend half as much money as I expected! I only bought the Marc Jacobs lipstick in Surrender Dorothy but it was $30! I spent more in CVS, treating myself to a Physicians Formula Blush for $14.75, two Milani eyeshadows for $4.99 each & a NYX Smokey Palette for $9.99. I think I definitely prefer the US drugstore brands over the high end stuff! 
While in Maryland my friends took me to Hot Topic, which is basically the store my dreams are made of. I had already placed three orders and had them sent to various people for me to collect while over there, but I did end up spending even more while in the store. I bought an Anna Funko Pop to keep Ariel company for £10, an Ariel make up bag, also $10 and the Kiss the Girl sweater which I think was $30, although at the time there was a buy one get one half price offer on! The bits I pre-ordered before I arriving were the Frozen Dress which is very similar to the Black Milk Clothing dresses but a) it’s Frozen and b) it was a fraction of the price, I think I paid $26.50 for it. It came in so handy while on holiday as it’s made of swim wear material so I wore it to Action Park and Niagara Falls. The Tangled dress, which is simply beautiful, that scene is one of my absolute favourites across all Disney movies! The Pokeball lunch bag, because… Pokemon. It is so cute and I’ll be using it as a handbag. I also finally got my hands on a new Disney Loungefly purse, this time Ariel as she’s the flavour of the month. I also got myself a Peter Pan inspired bow for my hair, a keyring grab bag which had Cinderella in, and two necklaces.. a gold Snow White one and a silver Toy Story one. each one of these items were less than $10. I also got a free Ariel button badge. 
Again, while in Maryland my friends took me to another store, I cannot remember it’s name but it hand an offer if you buy one item you could have a pillowcase for $5.. so I bought ANOTHER keyring, this time the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers, it was $3.99 and I picked up the Ariel pillowcase which is now on my spare pillow for when I sleep on the sofa. 
So once again I’ve bought a whole load of Disney bits, and this isn’t even on a trip to Disney. Goodness knows how much I’ll buy when I’m over in April! I seriously love Hot Topic because it has “adult” Disney items, unlike The Disney Store. I want so much more that I’ve ended up banning myself from the website because the shipping is so expensive.. and then custom charges on top! So frustrating! Hopefully I’ll find a store while in Florida… 
What do you think of my haul? What would you buy on a US vacation?
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