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Puddle Pug by Kim Norman Review

It’s very rare that I ever get asked to review something for Little Miss since I’m not exclusively a parenting blogger & I don’t share a million photos of my beautiful child. So when the chance came along to review a new book for children, this wasn’t an opportunity I was going to turn down. 

Percy the Pug loves puddles: big puddles, small puddles, swamp puddles, stomp puddles. But no puddle is perfect, until he finds one with three friendly piglets. But protective Mama Pig says NO PUGS and chases Percy away! Irresistibly illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi, Kim Norman’s tale about a persistent pug and his pursuit of friendship in puddle paradise brims with warmth and charm.” – taken from Amazon
Puddle Pug by Kim Norman* RRP £8.39, is a wonderful story about a the dog everyone loves, a pug! Not just any pug, but a pug on the hunt for the perfect puddle. The story is genuinely lovely, when Percy finally finds his perfect puddle at first it’s out of his reach, but after a good deed on a stormy day he is rewarded for his kindness and bravery. Such a good moral for small children! 
My daughter really adored this book. Pugs are everywhere at the moment and she knew straight away what kind of dog it was. And of course with the popularity of Peppa, the pigs and muddy puddles often appealed. The story is easy to follow with the right amount of text on each page. I find that some books that are supposedly aimed at toddlers have too much story and not enough pictures, however Puddle Pug finds the happy medium so there is a firm story but one that is finished before Little Miss gets bored.
The book is beautifully illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi. Personally I adore the pastel shades that look almost water coloured like which makes a change from the usual bold and brassy shades that go along with toddler books. The book is calming despite the story being full of puddle jumping which makes it the perfect bedtime story. 
Both Little Miss and I really enjoyed following Percy the Pug’s adventure, the illustrations are my favourite but for a two year old, the story is very enjoyable and perfect puddle hunting is something they can relate to as well. Although this book is clearly for children I can see a lot of adults getting pleasure from it with it being about an adorable pug! 
Is this the sort of book you’d like to read to your child at bedtime?
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