Top Tips on Post Holiday Pampering

It was two weeks ago today that I arrived back into the UK and I have to admit that it’s only now that I feel like i’m starting to get over the jet lag. I feel like the reason it has been so horrible this time around is because I had to come back and pick up my life without taking time to recove. As ever my holiday was constantly “GO GO GO” I travelled around a lot for only being Stateside 10 days so when I arrived home I was both physically and mentally exhausted. In the past, this hasn’t been a problem because i’ve gone to sleep for two days, but this time as soon as I stepped off that train my mum handed my daughter back (although I was glad for this having missed her terribly) and that was that. I was back to being woken at 7am. In hindsight instead of bumming around and feeling sorry for myself, I really wish I’d had a bit of me time after Little Miss went to bed on those first few evenings after my holiday had ended. 
When I returned from holiday there was a package waiting for me, a gorgeous cream dressing gown, like a real one not some cheap fleecy one from Primark and a candle from the lovely people over at Christy. These were to celebrate the launch of their candles.  I received Christy Candle No.1* which smells wonderful! The top note is camomile which has been perfect for unwinding in the evening, especially now that the lamp goes on at 8pm! All together there are three candle scents available and they are so decadent and grown up, I’ve had nothing but compliments for how it makes my house smell the next day!
Everyone goes into detail about the kind of routines and pampering your should do before you go away, you know, hair cut and coloured, shaves and waxes, nails painted etc, but if like me you choose a more active and adventurous holiday over a week lying on a beach, you will need a different kind of pampering when you return. Tonight I’m sharing my top tips for winding down after a busy holiday.

Do Nothing For The First Evening

And I mean, nothing. Don’t try and wash clothes, visit friends, cook, blog, read. Just do nothing. Stick on a couple of your favourite movies (Disney is always my choice) and lie on the sofa under a blanket with some candles lit, a face mask on. If you need to eat, take out washed down with some wine. Just remain in holiday mode but in your own house. I made the mistake of unpacking and doing some laundry, then I sat on the floor and cried.. and worst of all.. my brain was making lists so when it came to bedtime I couldn’t sleep! I regret trying to return to normality far too quickly. 
Have Some Me Time
The following day/evening; take a long hot bath and read a magazine, catch up on tv shows you’ve missed or blogs you were too busy to keep up with while you were on holiday. Just spend some time being quiet, this is so important if you’ve been having a very hectic time. When I came back from my holiday I craved quietness and became addicted to playing The Sims with the sound off for the first few days, simply because it was so mind numbing and that’s what I needed after my adventure. I also spent a couple of days in my pjs in my Luxury Christy Bath Robe* as even though I had to be up with my daughter, no one said I had to be dressed!
Turn Yourself into a Clean Slate
Once you start easing yourself back into your day to day life, strip all your holiday nail varnish and add something new. Give your hair a good wash and condition, it’ll need it if you’ve been in the sun for a week or two! My first hair wash after my trip resulted in me leaving my Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy* on over night as I felt like my hair was so dry from the sun and heat I encountered while away. The stuff smells amazing and left my hair silky soft! The main thing I focus on when I return from a holiday where I’ve been in a busy city is my skin. I used my Exfolia Cloth* with some of my current favourite cleanser Facacia Antibacterial face wash* to really give my face a deep cleanse. The cloth is perfect for someone who happens to have sensitive but spot prone skin as it still ensures it is thoroughly clean without causing irritation. This cloth washes and exfoliates your skin in one go which is brilliant if you’re feeling exhausted but you don’t want your skin to suffer. I follow this by using my Yves Rocher Extreme Comfort Mask which ensures my skin is deeply moisturised.

Finally, Don’t Panic
The worst thing you can do when you return from your holiday is to start panicking and stressing about your “real life” like returning to work, your kids going back to school or even your weight. Don’t weigh yourself straight away if you’ve travelled by aeroplane as flying is known for causing water retention. But who cares if you’ve put on weight, yes you should have eaten that donut, you were on holiday! Just ease yourself back into your daily routine, rushing or stressing is the quickest way to the holiday blues.. which trust me, isn’t good.
If you do feel like you’re on the road to the holiday blues, the best way to get over them is by making plans for your next holiday!
How do you cope with your holiday come down?
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