Happy 2nd Birthday Cocktails in Teacups!

So tomorrow is technically my blog’s 2nd Birthday, however I know two years ago today I made my blog, I just didn’t publish my first post until the 18th. But since I’m in the throws of decorating (not to mention I have to bake my cake for #cakethat tomorrow night) I thought i’d do a little post about i today. 
Lately I have become a little uninspired by my blog, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m tired or because I’ve been busy doing other things. I sit down at my laptop and I don’t want to spend hours pouring my heart and soul into a post that few will read and lets not get started in photo editing (have you noticed I no longer do the corner thing? I started while I was blogging from my iPad and the editing program wouldn’t let me do it, now I’ve decided it looks far better, why did no one tell me?!) Anyway, I know it won’t last. I go through dips, sometimes I get upset because I feel unoriginal, sometimes I think I’m boring.. but then something happens and I’m over it (read; I not longer give a damn) and everything goes back to normal… or maybe this is the two year hump and I have to work extra hard to get over it!
Anyway, enough of the down and out, but I felt I owed myself and my blog an explanation. 
My blog has come so far in 2 years, I recently surpassed 1000 Bloglovin followers which was mind blowing. It has taken me a long time to get here compared to other people, but personally I feel I’ve worked my butt off and I appreciate every single one of you! Through my blog I have made some amazing friends, had some fantastic experiences and opportunities and I’ve been able to keep my head well above water thanks to the money I have been lucky enough to make (yes, talking about money is crude, but I just wanted to say how thankful I am for it). Although at the money other things in my life are taking priority, my blog is still something that effects my life every day, it’s now part of me. I am a blogger, but the title that I am most appreciative that has come through my blogging is writer. 
Cocktails in Teacups has been a lifeline through some of the roughest years of my life. It has been a comfort, an escape and a place to vent. The blogging world is filled with wonderful people who have been a shoulder for me to cry on when I felt so alone which is the reason I started it. For the first time in my life, I log into Twitter and feel popular. Which for someone who was a complete loser and bullied right through school is a little bit insane. 
So instead of getting all soppy on you, I’m going to share with you my favourite posts from my archieve. I’ve purposely kept them all as happy as possible! 
Holiday Postcards with Travel Supermarket
The post that won me my first ever blogger competition, my prize? £1000 in cash to go on another adventure. It funded my summer travels to the North East of the US including finally visiting Niagara Falls. 
Disney Cosplay – Ariel from The Little Mermaid
This summer my cosplay dreams came true when I attended LFCC. Ever since then I’ve become addicted and I cannot wait to do it again. I have a list as long as my arm of different people (mainly Disney Princesses) I want to do! 
#3dates3mths with Just Singles
My introduction post for #3dates3mths from earlier this year. It was exciting and scary but it felt good to open up about it on my blog. 
One of those very rare parenting posts I shared back on Mothers Day this year. A letter to my daughter all about being a mother. It’s definitely one of my very heartfelt posts that occassionally pop up on the blog. 
The first ever blog meet I co-hosted with my best friend Bee. It was exhausting but something I’m so proud of achieving as it felt like a step in the right direction with overcoming my anxiety. I really it was as successful as I hope it was!
So as I head off to upcycle two photo frames for Little Miss’ bedroom I will drink the other half of my bottle of cider and toast to another two years and Cocktails in Teacups growing bigger and better every day. 
What are your favourite blog posts from Cocktails in Teacups? Is there anything you’d like to see more of?
Also, if you enjoy reading my blog I would love for you to vote for me in the North East Blogger Awards in the “NE Lifestyle” category (or any others you think i’d fit). There is huge competition up here as there are some absolutely outstanding bloggers and blogs but it would be a dream come true to be shortlisted!
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