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Primark & Beauty Haul September 2014

It’s very rare I ever do a haul post, mainly because it’s very rare I ever have a haul short of being on holiday (and even then when I went to DLP I still didn’t warrant a haul for the four items I bought!) However, due to the fact I really needed some more autumn-y clothes and that I’ve put aside some cash knowing I had this trip coming up I did manage to get my haul on yesterday while in Sunderland for the day. 
Sunderland is never somewhere I have ever shopped before, but due to the fact I had tickets to see The Lion King at the theatre with my best friend Bee, I thought I’d make a wee day of it as it’s not often my parents need to babysit for me anymore. I had been so excited this week since I hadn’t see Bee since July and we were both going to be child free. We had lunch in Starbucks (and I had my first PSL of the season, god I love those things) and a walk around the shops but we only had one topic for discussion.. FLORIDA! I can see us getting worse and worse haha but it was great as even though Little Miss is going through a phase of telling EVERYONE we’re going to Disney, it’s not the same as having someone to discuss it with! We of course the saw the show, which was incredibly breath taking and emotional. It’s always nice going to the theatre/cinema with Bee because if I’m crying I know she will be too (where as my sister NEVER cries and makes a fool of me when I do!) She’s blogged in more detail about seeing it as it was her first time. I saw it when it first opened in London when I was a kid, but I was much more in awe this time, the way they do the animals is spectacular and the guy who played Scar had amazing stage presence. I also loved grown up Nala & Simba’s singing voices. And Zazu, Timon and Pumba were just as hilarious as in the movie. It was such a wonderful treat and I’m so glad Bee was able to by my plus one and she enjoyed it. 
Anyway, here is what I managed to pick up. What isn’t photographed are the items I picked up for LM’s Christmas & Florida, a Minnie Mouse fan, a pair of shortie pjs, a t-shirt & a dress.. I also finally got my hands on an Elsa doll for her thanks to Amy of Midas and Florence.

People on Twitter were telling me how much I’ll love the A/W stock and they were right, I did… however I was a little disappointed in the sizing, pretty much everything I loved was only left in a 6 or 8! But I’m glad I did manage to pick up a few key pieces. I got a couple of dresses, my standard style as I have quite a uniform way of dressing, The peter pan collared houndstooth dress was £13, the collar makes it perfect for layering for the colder months. I also got a tartan brushed cotton smock for £10 which I’m looking forward to wearing. I also found a gorgeous burgundy Harry Potter sweater which if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I wore it today with a blouse underneath to give it a collar. I love the colour and the fit and it was only £10 which is great for a HP branded item. I bought a basic forest green skirt for £3 and a pair of leggings for £3.. these are so much thicker than the old Primark leggings so I’m looking forward to not having the pattern on my pants on show! I also got some autumnal coloured tights, £3 for a pack of 3 and I couldn’t not have the Harry Potter socks for £2.50 as well as the two Disney pairs reduced to £1 each! To continue the trend I picked up a new pair of Mickey slipper boots for £5 (I think, the label is already binned!) Finally, I replaced the cat bag I left on the train last Christmas, this one was £6 though when my one from H&M had been £12, what a bargain! 
There was also this gorgeous grey coloured Game of Thrones t-shirt for ladies that I wanted so badly, but you guessed it, it was only available in 6 or 8. Heartbreaking! If anyone sees it in their local, please pick it up for me and I’ll paypal you the funds! 
Onto beauty, all of this came from Superdrug, aside from the Babylips which I found in the Pound Shop. I have been after one of these SPF ones for ages but I have never found a Pound Shop that stocks them. I got a strawberry one and already it’s love! I needed a new razor and they’re currently on offer for just over a fiver, I picked up the Venus Embrace. My hair also needs a dye so I grabbed a box of Feria in Pure Spice and Colour Sealgloss, the dye had a pound off so came to £4.75 and the Sealgloss was 99p. Since Barry M was on 3 for 2, I picked up three of the new Gelly Nail Paints in Cardamom, Chilli and Chai. I also wanted to try the new Apocalips Matte and I went for Meteoric which was £6.49. I always wanted to try the new Maybelline Colour Show Lipstick so I went for Love My Pink which was £4.99. Expect a post later on in the week featuring my thoughts on both! 
Finally while at the theatre I bought a program & a cup that contained diet pepsi, the two came to £14 all together which is a little under what I paid in NYC for the same items at Aladdin ($33). Bee was actually kind enough to lend me the money as I stupidly didn’t get any cash out and she’s awesome like that. I think getting a souvenir cup is going to my new thing especially since LM got one in Disneyland Paris! 
So, I’d say it was a pretty successful day and no doubt I won’t be spending anything else for myself until most likely I’m in Florida. Every penny counts when I have Christmas, a birthday and then a holiday! 
Have you bought anything you’ve really loved lately?
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