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Where Amy (And Little Miss) Ate – Maisies Chocolate Parlour and Crêperie

It’s been a while since I did a Where Amy Ate, but since Little Miss and I have eaten in the same place two weeks in a row I figured I should definitely feature it. I never normally feature anything from my home town, but this place is just too good.

Maisies Chocolate Parlour and Crêperie, hidden under the Town Hall in all it’s original features glamour is the new place to go for a treat. At least in our house anyway. If Little Miss is very good while in town before heading home we call in here for some chocolatey goodness. Brilliantly priced for something that is very unique in my local town, I cannot fault Maisies. Made on site crepes and waffles, a chocolate fountain that provides the chocolate for some many items on the menu, as well as their hot chocolate, freshly popped popcorn, a delicious array of flavoured coffees, it’s perfect for mummy’s and children but I have seen people of all ages in enjoying the fare. 
What I like most is the fact there is such a selection of fresh fruit, so I know Little Miss is getting something good as well as a ton of chocolate. Plus, she loves fresh fruit and the last time we went in she ate her weight in strawberries and bananas, barely even touching the chocolate! What I love is the stuffed crepes, we all know how i’m a total sucker for anything french, so these french style crepes with chocolate (and I had strawberries) are right up my street. Meaning I could leave Little Miss to tackle her fruit cup. Both times my bill has come up less than a tenner. The first time we ate (I had a crepe, LM had a fruit cup, I had a flavoured coffee and LM had a carton of juice) and I’m sure I paid about £9. The second time we had a sharing platter, a carton & I had a can of lemonade. This came to about £5. For a treat not just for Little Miss, but for myself, that’s a bargain price. Not only that, but I originally picked up the wrong flavour drink, and when I went to buy a new one, the wonderful staff we kind enough just to switch and not charge me for the second.
So far, I have only encountered incredibly lovely and friendly staff. Usually you take your two year old into a cafe, they’re all instantly stand offish, but not in Maisies. In Maisies small children are welcomed, and they’re currently even running a competition for your child to win a birthday party! Which of course, we entered! That’s another wonderful thing about Maisies, you can book your child’s birthday party with them! A friend of mine held her daughters 4th Birthday Party there and she is raving about it! I just really can’t fault the place. 
For a treat after town, Mcdonalds is out and Maisies is in! I can’t wait for friends to come visit me now because this will be our coffee stop!
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