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Ever wonder how those girls in the magazines get their skin to look so good? Well most of those celebrities are paying top dollar to make their skin look amazing. Keeping your skin looking great does not have to break your bank account. Here are some tricks and tips of the famous to help your skin look and feel like a million bucks. 
Do it everyday
A skincare routine needs to happen everyday. Your skin will thank you if you put the time into taking care of it. Skin care creates healthy skin, just ask expert Dr. Joseph Ajaka from Cosmos Clinic who has built his career on helping people to look and feel their best. 
Keeping your skin hydrated is essential. It helps stars like Demi Moore look stunning well into their 50s. Moisturise your skin regularly for that fresh-faced look. Figure out what your type of skin is and find a moisturiser that suits it. 
Clean before bed
Remember to clean your face before you go to bed; wash off all the dirt and make-up from the day. Going to bed with clogged pores will build up residue and cause the skin to react. 
Sun protection
Protect your skin from the sun! Harmful UV rays can be bad for the skin. Try to find a moisturiser with sunblock built in; this will feel lighter and not as thick as a normal sunblock. 
Cheat the glow
Use self-tanner! Celebs don’t always spend their entire day in the sun getting a tan. They use moisturiser with built in self-tanner to give their skin a little bit more colour. Imagine Lauren Conrad’s golden complexion. 
Adapt you diet
Kate Hudson’s skin always looks flawless. Her secret? Eating plenty of protein and low-glycemic carbs like broccoli and yogurt, and drinking plenty of anti-oxidants, like green tea. Foods like this help to maintain your blood sugar, and are anti- inflammatory, keeping your skin from looking puffy. Eva Mendes eats salmon twice a day for three days to create an incandescent look to her skin. 
Don’t have time to make it to the spa? Try an exfoliating mask with enzymes and gentle acids. This will infuse your skin with oxygen. Follow up with moisturiser to lock in the hydration. Try a mask a few times a month for optimal results. 
Acid is good!
Have you ever noticed how Sofia Vergara’s skin is perfectly elastic? Her secret is hydraulic acid serum. Try to find a serum with cucumber and willow extract to keep skin feeling firm and free from irritation. 
Microdermabrasion treatment
A microdermabrasion treatment is non-invasive and helps skin to combat the effects of aging and sun-damage. The treatment uses a deep exfoliator to take away all the dead skin cells lingering on the surface. 
No matter what your skin regimen, daily procedures are important to keep your skin healthy and feeling fresh. Find out what works best for your skin. 
What are you favourite skin tricks? What celebrity’s skin do you envy most?

This is a collaborative guest post.

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