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What hairstyle suits my face shape? This question is asked by women everywhere, every single time they go to get a haircut. It’s a serious question and one that can only be answered with great investigation and research. To make this easier for you, here is a compiled list of the best hairstyles for each face shape. 
A word of caution
Frequent trips to the hairdresser that involve dying or bleaching hair can often lead to hair loss or serious breakage. If this starts to happen you should contact a hair loss professional such as Transitions Hair – click here for more information. 
Round faces
Longer hair is better for people with round faces. The length of the hair works to also lengthen the face, which is usually what people with round face shapes are after. Long hairstyles camouflage, not highlight. Generally, collarbone length works the best. Don’t got for blunt edges or to the other extreme with choppy edges. A nice balance between the two is the most flattering. Styling wise, beach waves are the best for round faces. Don’t go for completely curled because that is the opposite of flattering. The best way to achieve beach curls is to curl your hair with an iron and then brush it out with hair oil. 
Square faces
Long, straight hair works best for faces with a defined, square jawline. Long bobs are another cut that work perfectly for this face shape – below the chin and above the shoulders is generally the right length. Square faces are usually really easy to work with – you can curl or straighten and still look great! 
Oval faces
The number one rule when it comes to oval face shapes is not to fight the natural texture of your hair – stick with curls or straight hair if you’ve got it. Oval faces are the best face shape when it comes to versatility, so congratulations if you have an oval face. However, if you’re really looking for style, look no further than Jennifer Anniston – she is the queen of perfect hairstyles for oval faces. 
Heart-shaped faces
There’s one thing to remember if you have a heart-shaped face – side bangs are your best friend. You can sport many hairstyles with this face shape – shoulder length bob, long wavy locks, and in some cases even short hair. You can have a lot of fun with this face shape, so try different hairstyles. 
Face shapes play an important role in picking the right hairstyle for you. One of the most important things to keep in mind though is if you don’t dye your hair and you have a very specific style, it’s probably best to change it up periodically. There’s nothing worse than an out of date haircut! 
Why not try for a change of style – a change is as good as a holiday, after all. Just make sure the change suits the shape of your face!

This is a collaborative guest post.

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