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Flowers make a lovely gift for any occasion, especially a birthday, as they’re the perfect way to brighten someone’s day.
If you think flowers are a bit of a clichéd option and want a way to make it a little more exciting and fun, we’ve come up with a few tips and suggestions for doing just that, so the days of heading to the garage to get a discount bunch are long behind you! 
Delivered flowers to their door or work
Having birthday flowers delivered to your loved one’s home or place of work is a lovely idea as it will be such a nice surprise, and the flowers themselves will be beautifully arranged and presented, which makes it a great gift. You can even get added extras with some companies, like balloons, teddy bears and bottles of bubbly which can make all the difference, too.
Flowers in a new vase
Flowers are of course a great gift but if they’ve got nothing to put it in, no matter how much you spend on the flowers themselves, it can kind of be ruined a little bit. Stores like IKEA prove that you don’t need to spend the earth to buy a nice vase too, and in fact, sometimes keeping it simple can be better as it won’t take any distraction away from the actual flowers. Also, that means you’d have more to spend on the flowers too! 
Floral baskets for indoors or outdoors
A great alternative to vases if you want something that’s a little bit different is to display them in a basket. You can pick up baskets fairly cheaply and can arrange the bouquet in them yourself if you value your floristry skills, or some florists actually offer this option as a ready-made product. We love this idea for displaying flowers outside too as it has a really nice country feel.
Buying seeds or a full flower-growing kit
If your loved one is green-fingered and loves nothing more than tending to their garden and growing beautiful flowers, you could get them everything they need to grow a new variety. There are of course endless options with this idea, from simple flowers to more specialised ones, to even things like kits for growing edible flowers! This is great to combine a love of fine food and gardening too.
Interesting fake flower options
Flowers don’t have to be real to make someone’s day, and artificial flowers and plants have come a long way since the days of plain, dusty ones you probably saw at your grandmother’s house when you were little! There are lots of different varieties as well as the usual fabric ones. Some crafters have even developed crocheted options, along with paper ones! There are some amazing artificial flowers ideas on Pinterest which are well worth checking out to show you exactly the kinds of things that are possible. And of course, the beauty of artificial flowers is that they last! 
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