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So you’ve finally gotten around to converting your attic or spare room into an office space, but where do you begin? There are so many things you can do to make it a place of inspiration and creativity – it doesn’t just have to be an office. This article provides a few tips on getting the most from your home office space. Before you start setting up, it’s worth talking to a structural contractor and a roofing contractor – they can advise on any structural changes that might be necessary to get the most out of your home office. 
Think about the use of space
Once you’ve committed to converting the spare room, garage or attic into an office, you should also reflect on whether you’ll be using the same space for other purposes besides work. Perhaps you’d also like to use the room as an art-studio or craft area. Or maybe you’d like to do some yoga in there when you’re not working out the household finances? You need to think about what you’ll be doing in the space and decorate accordingly. If you are going to be busting out some yoga poses, the space should be able to accommodate you. Think about storage areas for the office equipment and for the alternative uses of the room. Yoga mats can be rolled up and stored out of site while an easel can be folded up and stashed behind the door. 
If you’re going to be working out of the room, the lighting will need to be of good quality to ensure you don’t strain your eyes. Consider installing a skylight in your roof to allow the flow of natural light. Professionals like Roofmasters can offer advice on this addition. Supplement this with some practical over-head lighting above your work area. The office should be a space that’s conducive to work, not an area that you don’t like going into because it reminds you of an unlit cave. 
If you’re working from home then you’re going to need a chair that won’t break your back. You should not skimp when it comes to a decent chair as you’ll be sitting in it for prolonged periods of time. Consider it an investment and check the tax laws – you may be able to claim it as tax deduction. Ensure that your computer is at or slightly below eye-level and position your keyboard so your forearms are parallel with the floor. Your feet should rest on either the floor or an appropriately adjusted footrest. You should be comfortable in your new office space. 
You don’t want to be working in a space that is devoid of all character – this is about inspiration, after all. Put photos of your family, pets and loved ones around to keep your incentive levels up. Perhaps you’re saving for a new car or boat – throw up some images of the goal that you’re chasing so you’re constantly reminded and inspired by it. It’s a good idea to rotate the images and photos so you don’t get complacent. 
How do you keep inspired in your home office? Tell us how and leave your comments below.

This is a collaborative guest post.

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