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When it comes to starting a new venture, whatever that may be, getting the right supplies or tools of the trade is important. If the venture you’re embarking upon is drawing, you’ve no doubt started to think all about all the different things you’ll need to get you on your way to being a top artist.
However, if you rush into buying lots of different things at once, it can be a little overwhelming, as well as a bit of a waste of money. Instead, thinking about the basics that you need to get started is a much better idea, and we’ve put a bit of a guide together for doing just that.
Drawing pencils
Of course, no artist would be set without a good quality pencil/set of pencils. As you begin on your journey, it’s perfectly fine to start with simple ones, or ones you already have. As you then progress and start to find your drawing style and start to develop your techniques, you will want to invest in some pencils that are up to scratch.
It’s well worth checking out online stores like when purchasing a set of good quality artist’s pencils as they have great deals on and lots of different varieties. The plus of buying them online as well is that you won’t be talked into buying something you don’t need or that just isn’t suitable for you by a pushy sales person.
There’s a really useful and insightful article here about how to choose a pencil for all your drawing needs that you should have a read of when you get the chance as it will help you get clued up a bit more regarding what types are out there.
Drawing paper or pads
When you’ve got the pencil(s) that’s right for you, you’ll no doubt want to optimise your drawing in terms of finding the best paper possible to draw on. After all, it’s no use spending loads of time finding a great pencil to then be drawing on rubbish paper.
There’s a good guide here on the different types of paper that you should check out when you decide. Ultimately, nothing beats a great pad that you can flip through to see how much you’ve developed as an artist!

Other essential equipment
As well as the obvious pencils and paper, there are also other essential items that no new budding artist can be without. These can include (but aren’t limited to, as your talents develop) erasers and sharpeners, or craft sharpening knives.
Many artists would argue that a good eraser is absolutely essential when you’re starting out and aren’t quite as great as you want to be just yet. It’s generally advisable to opt for a white eraser if possible as they tend to leave less residue on the page and give a cleaner finish. Erasers can also be used to create different effects on your drawings, but this is something that can be experimented with later on.
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