26th August – To Infinity and Beyond

I feel bloody terrible for leaving my last Travel Diary entry this long! It’s been nearly two months since I first headed east to my favourite place in the world and my diary entries have been sporadic to say the least. However tonight after a pint of iced coffee and a bath I am ready to recount my last day. It’s heartbreaking to put this to bed as I have most definitely had the blues since I came back despite having a holiday already booked for 6 months time! There was such a huge build up to this, that I have felt so flat and seriously home-sick for all things American. Sad huh? 
My final full day I awoke in a Days Inn at Niagara Falls. It was an incredibly early start but we managed to squeeze in a Denny’s breakfast before meeting with the tour. I had the most delicious cinnamon pancakes with a.. you guessed it… iced coffee. The group was meeting 8ish as we had a busy morning before the very very long bus ride back to NYC. Our first stop was another national park, this one was Whirlpool State Park and it was rather impressive. When us Brits think of the US we think of places like NYC, LA, Orlando, but this trip really showed me another side to the states, the scenery is just breath taking. We then moved onto Old Fort Niagara which was interesting especially for me as it was completely different to any battlements i’ve seen before (aka ones in the UK). We ended up garnering the attention of the some strange performers which was a laugh. Finally we headed to the Falls. 

How do I begin to explain Niagara Falls? 
I hear the water is insured for $10,000.
I hear it does car commercials… in Japan.

Their favorite movie is Varsity Blues.
One time the met John Stamos on a plane…

And he told them they were pretty.

One time they punched me in the face… it was awesome.

Wait.. that’s not right.. 

ANYWAY, Niagara Falls is probably the most breath taking experience of my life. To me the most beautiful thing in the world is my daughter, but the most beautiful place in the world has to be Niagara Falls. We ended up being so lost for words that the best way to describe getting up close and personal (seriously, they gave you free ponchos because you get SOAKED) to the Falls is “because.. Earth”. There are no words to describe how amazing it is to be on that boat.. it was the highlight of my trip, without a doubt and I’d urge anyone to go. It definitely ignited my travel fire, I want to experience more natural wonders in my lifetime. I never knew that Niagara Falls is actually two separate falls, the famous Horse Shoe falls (the most photographed) are actually the Canadian falls. They’re both equally as beautiful though but because the sheer amount of water that flows over the horse shoe falls I ended up putting my camera away for fear it would get damaged!

After grabbing a quick lunch we were all herded back onto the bus for what I can only describe as one of the worst travel experiences of my life.. and I have flown in 8 hours of turbulence.. It’s no wonder we got off the bus, caught a cab and headed for two courses of Thai food and three cocktails each.. yay for happy hour! After cheering ourselves up with some excellent conversation and having a good laugh, I was so sad that my trip had come to an end. Darian and Namu were truly wonderful company and I’m so glad they came on that crazy adventure with me, I’ll remember it forever. 
I stayed my last night at Namu’s and she took me to the airport at 5:30am the next morning. And although I was pretty emotional at saying goodbye I was looking forward to getting home and seeing my daughter the next day. 
And thus concludes my trip. I know it hasn’t been as text filled as my previous trips but I’m hoping the photographs really were worth 1000 words. I have one more post to go up including my planning tips and links that I hope some of you will find useful. Hopefully I’ll get it up before the middle of next month! 
What is the most breathtaking place you’ve ever visited? 
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