A Wednesday Wishlist – Etsy Favourites Disney Edition

Wow, this is my 500th post. Well it’s not, because I’ve had guest posts and sponsored content but this is the 500th post I’ve personally put my heart & soul in. So to celebrate I’m sharing with you all my current favourites on Etsy
With us now being on the slippery slope to my favourite holiday, Christmas, I have been spending a lot of time lying the bath browsing Etsy. I love supporting handmade & even more so, I love giving gifts that are unique and individual. Especially to Little Miss. Of course along the way I’ve ended up favoring a lot of things for myself, let’s face it, it’s something we all do. Which would have been great if I was giving suggestions to people for what to buy me for Christmas, but as I’m asking for money this year to put towards our holiday, I’m getting nothing. So no doubt, anything I really want will be purchased after I come back from Florida and I have the holiday blues, and I know I will for sure after how rubbish I felt after my last holiday.. and this will be worse, because it’s Disney. 
ANYWAY! Speaking of Disney, pretty much all this list is somehow Disney related, but since a rather large part of my readership loves Disney, I’m hoping it will be received well. 
Ariel Print £7.56 // Places Set of Prints £21 // First Time in Forever Print £12
One of the main things I search Etsy for is pretty prints for my walls. I current have four, two in Little Miss’ room, one in my room and one in the bathroom. I’d like to add these ones to my collection. Ariel, just because, I think the iconic places ones are awesome and For the First Time in Forever is one of my favourite ever Disney songs.
Mug £8.22 // Tote Bag £4.42
Yes I’m 99.9% sure I’m a Disney Princess, and I’m 99.9% sure my daughter is too. I love these, the designs are simple but say it all. I think i’d get more use out of the mug but the tote would be so useful for on holiday!
Ariel Ears £15.82 // Magic Mirror Ears £15.82 // Rapunzel Ears £15.82
Apparently the most popular souvenir from WDW is a pair of ears. Really, I’m not surprised since my sister got a pair every time we went as kids. Little Miss and I already have a pair of standard Minnie ears, so I’d love to get us a pair of something different… I love the Ariel ones to wear with my red hair, and at the moment I’m drawn to the Rapunzel ones for LM. But I do love the Magic Mirror script ones because they’re different. 
Alice inspired dress £75.95 // Disney’s Forgotten Princess Sweater £22.78
I have so much Disney fashion on my likes, but these are my favourite. An Alice inspired dress, that I found while browsing for bows in a store called Lameasaurus, they also have a STUNNING Rapunzel one that I’m also in love with. The Disney’s Forgotten Princess sweater looks so comfy and would be perfect for travelling in. 
Anna Boots £44.21 // Anna Inspired Messenger Bag £25.32 // Rapunzel Shoes £94.91
Briar Rose Inspired Hair Bow £4.11 // Anna Cloak Clasp £7.59 // Anna Coronation Bow £5.70
 I’m sensing a theme here… possibly because Anna is my ultimate style icon. Ha. I have lusted after Anna boots since January, I was so hopeful that The Disney Store would stock my size (3) alas they stop at 1 I think but thankfully you can get loads of variations on Etsy. I would love a pair. And to go with them, a matching satchel and cloak clasp.. OF COURSE! One of my favourite stores on Etsy is Bbeauty79, their cosplay stuff is beautiful but it’s the shoes I adore which come in a beautiful box. I WANT ALL THE PAIRS but I have a serious soft spot for these Rapunzel ones. Finally a couple of bows, I HUNDREDS on my favourites list, but I love the simplicity of the Briar Rose one, and well I think everyone knows my obsession with Anna’s coronation dress…

Silver Crown Ring £14.56 // Peter Pan Wrap Bracelet £4.49 // Ariel Charm Necklace £15.82
Once Upon a Time Necklace £15.19 // Disney Leading Ladies Earrings £5.69 // Anna Silhouette Necklace £12.66
It was so hard to pick just a few bits of jewellery from my favourites, but these are the ones that won out.. firstly the two on the right are from two of my new favourite stores, the Ariel charm one is from Buzzybeeschickadeez which not only does Disney charm necklaces, but they do amazing lockets with quotes in too! The other ones is the silhouette one from The Shadow Studio. I really recommend you check them out. The cute earrings were ones I first saw on Becky Bedbug last week. I love that you can customise them! The other three are less in your face Disney, perfect for every day wear.
Of course there are loads more, and this list could be endless because what you can’t find on Etsy isn’t worth having. I have a loads for Little Miss, ideas for cosplay, homeware.. but I think I’ll save them for another time.

What’s the best handmade thing you’ve ever bought? 
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