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A couple of weeks back I was catching up on one of my favourite blogs Becky Bedbug when I came across a post all about my favourite holiday, Christmas. She’d been lucky enough to received some cute Christmas decorations to review, so I commented on the post, thinking no more of it. Until I received an email offering me the chance to review, all because I left a comment. That’s never happened before but it felt great! 
I have to be honest to say that the older Little Miss gets, the more excited I get for Christmas. This year, the milestone is her asking for things from “Santa Claus”. She’s asked for an Elsa dress, an Elsa doll, a Bullseye (the horse from Toy Story) and a Jessie doll. Oh, and to go to Disney haha. Today she even told my grandmother (her great grandmother) what she was asking for which I have to admit, was pretty precious. Last Christmas eve/Christmas morning was the best day of my whole year! Of course it’s not just the gifts, but it’s everything that goes hand and hand with Christmas! From the moment the shops start having Gift Guides, to the Christmas drinks in the coffee shops. I love putting up my tree, wrapping presents, writing cards.. you name it! So being offered the chance to review some items for decorating my house for Christmas really put me in a good mood.
I decided to dedicate a whole Shopping Spotlight post to The Christmas Boutique because they were very generous! When the huge parcel arrived the other day my mother was here helping decorate and she was incredibly envious.. The only problem is I have to wait just under two months to put it all up! JEEZE!

What I got to review was a complete surprise. I simply made a list of all the bits I was happy to receive and they sent me a wide selection! I was so happy to see some of my favourite bits, hence me now being so excited about decorating the house for the festive season!

First off, it’s free shipping! Which I’ve learned over the last week, is so incredibly handy! Everything is beautiful and wonderful quality, there are traditional, religious and quirky ornaments and decorations. I went for shabby chic as that’s the style I go for in pretty much everything. There are also some wonderful snowflake decorations which I would be buying all of had I been throwing Little Miss a party for her birthday this year, as they would be excellent for a “Frozen” theme. I chose one of them which will be hanging in the middle of my window to catch the winter sun. I hope it makes rainbows with it being glass. The mouse advent calendar is my personal favourite. It is so well made and perfect for Little Miss to use year after year. The door mat is actually being used now, as it fits perfectly with my travel themed hall and my old one ended up getting covered with paint. 

The quality is second to none, everything arrived well wrapped and nothing looked tacky despite the low price. I really wish I’d known about The Christmas Boutique when I was spending money on decorations from Next & Marks and Spencers, when really I just needed somewhere that offered cute wares at a good price, because after all, I only have them on display little over a month and then they’re stored away! 
The Christmas Boutique is part of Urban 33 Retail Group which is made up of four stores, Home33 Accessories, Gardens 2 You, Urban Male Jewellery and of course, The Christmas Boutique. From what I’ve seen from the other three stores from a quick browse, there are some wonderful bits at once again, excellent prices! If you’re struggling for a gift idea it’s definitely worth checking them out! 
Do you have a theme for Christmas decorations or is your style more thrown together?
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