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The Cold Never Bothered Her Anyway..

I remember being a kid and every new Disney movie that was released, my sister and I made it a point to learn every single lyric from it. We were Disney kids, so it’s natural that our children are heading in the same direction. Aside from Tinker Bell & The Pirate Fairy (which is currently in my wardrobe waiting for Christmas) the only other classic Disney animation movie that has been released within Little Miss’ living memory is Frozen. Yes she loves Tangled, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Ratatouille, Toy Story (all three) and her newest favourite The Princess & the Frog, but Frozen is her favourite. Maybe it’s because it’s everywhere, or maybe it’s because she’s watched it a million times and counting. She has now even reached the point where she can act the whole movie out, which is pretty impressive to watch from a two year old! 
So of COURSE when I was offered the chance to review a costume from Otley Run Fancy Dress, not just for myself (which will be a totally different post) but one for Little Miss, and not just any.. but Elsa’s iconic blue sparkly dress*, I couldn’t exactly say no. And when it arrived this morning, there was no way I could keep it for her until Christmas (despite the fact she’s practically only getting Princess dresses as presents, but again, that’s a whole other post). So as a surprise I presented her with it this morning.

Elsa Dress* £18.99, Otley Run Fancy Dress
Olaf Beanie $9.99, Newark Airport
There are a lot of Elsa dresses out there at the moment for children, actually there is a lot of Elsa & Frozen stuff out there period, some good quality, some not so good quality so when this arrived and she put it on, I was instantly in love with it. It’s a little bit big at the moment because even though this is the smallest size (2-3) she’s a little mouse but she didn’t care, and I didn’t care. At the end of the day it gives her room to grow. I love the fact the Elsa face is only a small button on the front, it is easy to remove to make the dress more authentic looking. I also love love love the cape, then length is perfect to look good without tripping her up. I think for a child’s fancy dress outfit the quality is second to none. It could do with a good iron but that’s my bad as I rather hate ironing but aside from that I’m so incredibly pleased with it, and I think Little Miss is in love since she wanted to wear it to bed.
I cannot recommend the customer service from Otley Run Fancy Dress enough. I will also be reviewing an adult outfit (sadly not Anna Coronation haha) but they kindly sent this out first so my daughter wouldn’t have to wait. I love supporting companies that are on the rise and I think the price range for the costumes is incredibly reasonable. This dress being £18.99, which is well below average for a good quality Elsa dress (trust me, I’ve looked!) and they have made my daughter incredibly happy. There is also a child’s Anna coronation dress available although they are waiting for some stock if you are struggling on getting Frozen costumes for your kids for Christmas. Postage is £3.49 and free over £100, or you can collect in Leeds if you live near by.
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