Friday I’m In Love #2

Friday again? Already? How is that even possible!? This week has flown by, but for me it’s just been another week closer to seeing my best friend Bee (she’s coming to visit next week), Christmas and Florida. In terms of what I’ve been up to, this week has been incredibly quiet. I’ve actually spent my evenings being productive and keeping on top of housework. Today I met my sister for a Costa Date with Little Miss and a look around the shops That’s probably the most i’ve done all week! I’ve really tried to get back into blogging and I even made a conscious effort to have something going up on my blog every day. It hasn’t been easy but I can feel the inspiration finally returning. I still feel what I write is rubbish half the time but oh well.
As I knew this post was coming, I managed to be a lot more prepared for it and I even have some of my own photos to share rather than stock! Go me. Like I said, I am trying to be a lot more organized here.
So what have I been loving this week? 
Once Upon a Time
I know, I know.. a stock photo.. but it’s not like I actually have a photo from the set, what with it being filmed in Canada and all. But the new season started a few weeks back, and I have to admit, over the summer I had become more and more skeptical. Last season they killed off my favourite character in favour of some stupid fanfic style romance and then they introduce “Frozen” to the drama. The photos had revealed instead of putting their own spin on the characters as they have done in the past, they were basically real life versions of the movie.. But as it’s my favourite TV show ever, I gave it a chance.. and aside from the fact they have practically side lined a lot of my favourite older characters in favour of Captain Swan rubbish and all the Frozen you can possibly imagine, I’m impressed. Elsa is fabulous, I’m a little bit in love with Kristoff (as always) and I want Anna’s wardrobe. I like where they’re taking things. 

Amy Mcgregor for Wear Eponymous
Last week I was incredibly lucky to win a cushion from Wear Eponymous‘ collaboration with up & coming designer Amy Mcgregor. It arrived on Saturday and straight away Little Miss and I were fighting over it. I’d had a choice of designs and I had decided to go for the Floral & Birds design* (RRP £45) as it would really go with my sitting room. It was very pleased when it arrived to find it incredibly soft and comfortable. A real eye catching piece. In the end Little Miss and I agreed Jasmine (her gift from Disney on Ice) could sit with it. Now of course I really want the lampshade to go with it…
Ferdalump on Instagram
Okay, so my favourite princesses alive consist of Little Miss, followed by Bee’s two girls Megan and Lily however someone on Twitter (I think it was Ellie) introduced me to a little girl in Florida called Lane. Her mother has an instagram account for her called Ferdalump and if you’re a big Disney fan, I suggest you check it out! Her family has a yearly pass to Walt Disney World (well wouldn’t you if you live in Florida?!) and they go a few times a week. Not only that but her mother is an insanely awesome seamstress, and actually, a genuinely lovely woman. Lane is only a few months older than Little Miss so she loves seeing photos of Lane on her Disney adventures and we’re hoping to meet up with them come April. Lane is like the american version of Little Miss but she gets to go to Disney every week and her mother makes her fantastic costumes. But they both love similar things and LM loves watching the videos and seeing photos. Of course I do too, which is why I think you should follow her. 

Pizza Picnic Thursday
In recent weeks it’s become sort of a tradition that one night a week Little Miss will have a pizza picnic on my bed while watching some old school Disney series on my iPad. Last week it was Aladdin, this week Lilo & Stitch. Pizza is both of our favourite foods but because of how unhealthy it is especially to a two year old, we only have it once a week and I make a huge deal out of it. It has quickly become one of my favourite times as LM is really enjoying the old school cartoons (that’s my girl) and it’s nice to simply hang out.

Disney on Ice (again)
So, Disney on Ice was amazing. Expensive but amazing. Little Miss loved it from the second we arrived. Dancing, singing, clapping, shouting on her favourite characters. It definitely had me choked up at how much of a Disney girl she is. My nephew cried at the beginning but he soon go into it, but LM was never phased, even when the whale in Pinocchio was on (which I used to be terrified of at her age!) My dad even cried because it was so emotional! This week the show for next years tour was announced as Magical Ice Festival, which of course means Frozen. However they’re not coming to Newcastle! Cue my best friend to the rescue! She bought FRONT ROW SEATS for us and our girls and the show is less than a month after Florida meaning they’ll all still be high from our trip. Aside from being in Florida the same time this will be the first thing we’ll all have done just Bee & I with our kids which is just lovely.
My Little Box
As I have mentioned before, I’ve become so slack with my blog lately so I now have two box subscriptions to share. It’s of the same box though.. My Little Box. My second one arrived this week and it’s official.. I’m smitten. From the beautiful presentation to the fact it’s Parisienne inspired, it’s a total winner with me. If you are going to subscribe to any box, this is the one as it has some beauty products but also other cute items last month I got a laptop sleeve, this month a gorgeous scarf.. I can’t fault it. Even though I am saving hard, this is one box I won’t be cancelling. I will be writing about the contents of both boxes, just give me time! You can subscribe to My Little Box for £14.95.
Karen of Scarlett Fashion Blog’s Post About Bloggers
Karen over at Scarlett Fashion Blog, and owner of Scarlett Fashion online boutique shared her thoughts on the debate about bloggers feeling like they’re being exploited. It really did make me think and on the whole, I agree with her. As she supplies samples to bloggers for reviewing, and is a blogger herself I think she gives a fair arguement as someone who can see it from both sides. It’s definitely my read of the week.
What have you been loving this week?
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