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A Wednesday Wishlist – Disney Store Edition

I hope Bee doesn’t mind this post as she did a very similar one a few weeks back, but I really wanted to do one! I’m going through a phase of checking the Disney Store for new stock nearly every day. Don’t ask why, it’s just a habit I got into when waiting on Frozen stock for Little Miss, now I do it just to see what’s new. So I decided to do a wishlist post of all the things I wish I had money to buy for myself! I have bought a few new Christmas tree decorations though, I just couldn’t help myself and usual it seemed a good excuse to push my order into the free delivery category. I might do a post about my new decorations when it comes to putting my tree up. But in the mean time, here is some things I’m currently lusting after. Things for me, not Little Miss (because trust me, she’s getting enough for Christmas!)
Starting at the top left I came across this cute Alice in Wonderland Tote (RRP £20) I had never seen it on the website and it appears you can get the same style with various designs such as Minnie, Mickey, Chip & Dale, but having always loved Alice in Wonderland, this had to be the one I would go for. It looks like a great size for carting stuff around and I love that Alice is a sketch rather than the regular cartoon. It would be perfect to hang off the buggy while in Florida, don’t ya think? 
Next up is a Disney Tradition, Cinderella with Jaq and Gus (RRP £35). In fact I like the whole set (you can also get Snow White & Rapunzel with a wee animal), my sister has promised to get me one of the other two as my Christmas present but as I mentioned, I would actually like all three.. they’re just so expensive to buy myself and I don’t get them as gifts. I do have four though, I think that counts as a collection, right?
I know, at twenty six I should probably have grown out of plushies, and on the whole, I have.. But I do love these soft body dolls. I have Alice & toddler Anna that sit on my bed, next on my list is Peter Pan (RRP £16) because as much as I want a handsome prince (I’ll take Kristoff, Eric or Flynn) I do have a soft spot for Peter, probably because I too never wanted to grow up when I was a kid. Or perhaps its because I just really love the movie.. 
There are little touches of Disney all over my house, I’d like to continue this with some of the really sleek Disneyland Paris Silver Tealight Holders (RRP £7). They’re Disney without screaming Disney. I also like the purple and teal, but I think I’d like them in my front room and neither of those colours go with my green & cream. 
While in Disneyland Paris in May I picked up a couple of glitter figurines, Ariel & Rapunzel. They now stand on my mantle either side of my clock. I had seen them on the website prior to going but I had dismissed them as looking cheap and plastic, however they’re not. They’re really pretty and I’d love to pick up Snow White (RRP £12) to go with them. I also like Belle & Merida but since I couldn’t decide between the two I have left them off. It would be great to collect them all, and they’re such a good price too!
Also in DLP I bought myself one of the limited edition shoes, the Alice one because at the time it wasn’t available over here. Although it is a hanging decoration it actually stands on a shelf in my room, looking all lonely.. which is why I’d love to add the Tinker Bell Shoe (RRP £15) & Rapunzel Shoe (RRP £15) to my little collection. I think they’re really pretty and cleverly designed, although I’m still kicking myself for not buying the Anna one when it was available! 
Finally, as I mentioned above I have bought a fair few Christmas decorations this year, but the one I just cannot justify buying is the inconic Cinderella Slipper Bauble (RRP £19). I first saw it in the Christmas Shop in DLP but it was even more expensive in euros so I left it however now every time I log into the website and catch site of it, I feel regret.. but I still can’t justify the price for a tree decoration that is only out for 6 weeks max a year! It’s still so pretty!
I’m sure if I looked properly there is loads more I could find myself wanting, but I am trying to be so good to give me more money to spend while in Florida because if the US Disney Store website is anything to go by, there is a lot I’ll be wanting to buy!
Are there any websites you religiously check for new stock?
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