Friday I’m In Love #3

And Friday is once again here! All those of you who work Monday – Friday will be currently rejoicing that another week is over and you now have two days of freedom. I haven’t felt that way since I was in school as I’ve always had a job that required working weekends. My parents are away this weekend, but it doesn’t matter too much as my best friend Bee & her family are currently driving up for the weekend. To say I’m excited is an understatement! A week today is also the last day of October, WHAT!? November is totally the official start of the Christmas season and I cannot WAIT!
This week saw Little Miss and I venture to Newcastle to review the new Tune Hotel. We had a lovely time including a tiny spree in Primark, dinner at The Slug & Lettuce (LM totally fancied the waiter and was even blowing kisses!) and breakfast in Starbucks where I drank an iced SPL as big as my face, wish I could start every morning that way. Aside from that and my friends arriving today, nothing else out of the ordinary has happened. I finished my Christmas shopping for everyone aside from any Secret Santas I do and Little Miss’ stocking. 
But what have I been really loving? 
Sparkly Shoes from Primark

I saw these on Crown & Glory’s Instagram and I just knew I had to pick up a pair of my own. They were a bargain at £14 and although I know I won’t wear them as much as I should due to my love of flats, they’re nice to have especially at that price. I wish they’d been red and then they would have been really ruby slippers. I’m on the hunt for a flat pair of glittery shoes now too. 

Journeys are my Diary Disney Competition

Today saw my best friend Bee launch a Disney competition over on her blog Journeys are my Diary. It’s not your standard rafflecopter competition, but one where you have to create a Disney inspired outfit to be in with a chance to win £30 in Disney Store vouchers. I will definitely be entering so look out for my entry but you should go check out the competition yourself because it sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun. 
Having My Blogging Mojo Back
Since coming back from the US I have really struggled to get back into blogging. I have just felt so uninspired and like everything I write is pure rubbish. However last week I resolved to really get my head together and try again. Thankfully after the first couple of posts, everything came flooding back naturally. Whether or not I’m writing pure dribble is for you to decide but I’m feeling much happier about my posts again.

Wrapping Christmas Gifts
Since I have practically finished Christmas shopping my room was full of carrier bags and padded envelopes, which is far too tempting for a two year old so I decided to wrap. This way if she does get a little too curious for her own good I’ll be able to tell. I tend to wrap all LM’s presents in the same paper and not bother with labels and this year for everyone else (except other children) I’ve gone with brown paper and string. They’re going to look so traditional under my tree! I plan on doing a whole post on it so no sneak peak!
Stephanie’s Disney Wedding Video
If you are part of the blogging world and you haven’t heard about Stephanie Dreams getting married in Florida you have been living under a rock! She shared her wedding video with us all and I admit, I cried. It’s just so perfect and I wish her and Sam a real happy ever after! She looked stunning don’t you think? If you want to see more I recommend you giving her blog a follow!
Pressure Cooker Cooking
Yesterday I gave my new pressure cooker a whirl and although it made a lot of scary sounds it also made possibly the most delicious risotto I have ever eaten in my whole life! It was so easy too as you just bung everything into the pot, stick on the lid and let it do it’s thing! Even Little Miss enjoyed it and that’s saying something because she’s going through her picky phase!
What have you been loving this week?
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