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On Saturday my sister, Little Miss, my nephew and I jumped in the car and drove for an hour to Ikea. I haven’t been in an Ikea since I was living with my ex P, that is three homes ago. And five years ago. As I was walking around with Little Miss in the trolly (and buying her stuff we probably didn’t need) it made me realise just how much I wanted to continue through my home and really putting my stamp on it. I just about have Little Miss room finished, but her main Christmas present is what is really going to finish it off. My staircase is also almost finished, it just needs the carpet cleaned (as replacing it is more than I can afford for the foreseeable future) and I want a table or bookcase at the top. However the lounge, bathroom, kitchen, my room and the garden, still need some work. Last summer we moved in in such a hurry due to my parents going on holiday that it was very much thrown together. 
Although I would consider this the second nicest place I’ve ever lived in.. I say second because although this is very much my own that I can do what I wish to it within reason (and financial capability of course), it is done on the cheap. The nicest place I ever lived was a professional apartment in Newcastle that was fully furnished, spacious with a juliet balcony. Which of course was lovely after the previous flat being full of black mould.. which we tried to scrub off with paint stripper.. did you know black mould bubbles if you apply spirits to it? No, we didn’t either. ANYWAY, the people who lived in this place before us pretty much sucked at DIY.. and their colour schemes were incredibly questionable (mustard walls and a navy blue carpet? urgh). Painting the staircase took so long because the paper was badly put up and had huge flowers all over it that took two coats of paint to cover. Sigh.
I have a list as long as my arm of simple jobs that need doing before I even consider anything interior design wise such as new carpets in my bedroom and the staircase, repainting the kitchen and bathroom, probably painting the fireplace to hide the scorch mark.. painting the garden fences, shed in the garden as the builders stole mine before I moved in.. just to name a few. But I have already started to dream about my projects once the simple jobs have been completed and Pinterest is my go to place for inspiration! 
My home is the furthest from Pinterest worthy as you can possibly imagine. I love colour and my child is too small for everything to be white, but there is no denying that if you are ever stuck about how to fix up ANY room, Pinterest will have some ideas for you.

Entry Way Inspiration (credit)
Small Sitting Room Ideas (credit)
Make The Most of Time Clock (credit)
Walt Disney World Scrapbook Board (credit)
Small Bathroom Decorating (credit)
Glitter Inside Lampshade (credit)
Desk Area (credit)
My house is small, so when I’m looking for inspiration I’m looking for ways to put my stamp on it within the space I have. I love the bookcases around the sofa once corners are no longer an issue with a toddler, I am so doing this!
But imagine spending years making your house just perfect, only for it to be washed away over night? British Gas is currently exploring home truths of real people in collaboration with Channel Four. The story that really touched me is the one I’m sharing below. It makes me so glad I live up a hill! 
How do you find inspiration to make your house a home?
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