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For a bride on her wedding day, one of the most important things is her appearance. From her hairstyle to the shoes she wears, every detail must be perfect and exactly as she wants it. If you’re struggling to decide what hairstyle would suit you best on your wedding day, have a look at some of the most popular styles for weddings on sites like You’re sure to find something you love. 
1. Chignon
The chignon is a very beautiful hairstyle which works best if you have fairly long hair. This style works very well if you would rather have flowers in your hair instead of a tiara, since it allows you to decorate your hair exactly as you choose. Since there are several different ways to do this hairstyle, including further to the side or higher up, you can discuss it with your hairdresser to work out exactly which style will suit you.

2. Loose Curls
If you’re looking for something easy and simple for your wedding day, why not try some loose curls? This is something you could try yourself before the big day to see exactly how you’d like it, and as long as you have some good hair curlers, you can do this one yourself. If you’re worried about your hair looking a little bit “boring”, remember that you can get a tiara, earrings and gems for your hair which will add that extra sparkle.

3. Half Up, Half Down

Some brides don’t like the idea of having all their hair tied up, so if you want to show off your gorgeous locks, go for a half up half down style. This hairstyle is pretty self-explanatory, and involves half your hair being tied up while the other half hangs down around your shoulders. For best effects, consider curling the hair at the bottom and adding a couple of small plaits around the hair which has been tied up.
4. Bouffant
The bouffant
definitely works best if you have quite a lot of hair to work with. While this is a popular wedding hairstyle, it definitely requires confidence in order to pull it off. There are many ways you can have a bouffant hairstyle, and you can have it as high as you like, as long as you have enough hair to use for the style. The bouffant is a typical 1960s hairstyle, which is the perfect option if you’re having a themed wedding or you want a somewhat retro look for your big day.

5. Meringue
The meringue hairstyle is a perfect blend of elegance and style, and is ideal if you’re a short-haired bride. Don’t be disheartened if you discover that most of the hairstyles you love just aren’t suitable for your pixie cut – your locks can look just as beautiful when you tie the knot. This hairstyle is rather simple and has a “whipped” effect, but it is possibly one of the most effective hairstyle for short cuts. The style wouldn’t work very well with a tiara, but a flower and some sparkly gems would definitely enhance this look.
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