Fashion Content // Statement Piece: The Leather Look*

Leather is totally in right now – obviously! Everyone is wearing it but not everyone knows how. Pulling off leather is all about making a statement – you need one major piece that will make everyone stop, stare and admire. If you don’t own any leather, stop what you’re doing and head straight to your favourite clothing store such as Universal Store and invest in some, ASAP! Once you’ve got your leather pieces at the ready, keep reading to find out how to wear them.

The Skirt
Leather skirts look absolutely phenomenal – when they’re worn correctly. High waisted, loose skirts should be worn in a really “preppy” way with Vans or Converse sneakers, a simple top and a cute jacket. Tight leather skirts can be worn in different ways – they look great with tight or loose tops. Skirts are really easy; you can have a lot of fun with them as making them look good is mostly up to your own discretion.

Leather Jacket
To get that real biker chick look (if that’s what you’re after), there’s no need to buy a motorbike – just get a leather jacket! Leather jackets are great as they can dress up or dress down any outfit depending on the look that you’re going for. If you’re wearing jeans and heels, a leather jacket will give your outfit a ‘smart-casual’ feel. If you’re wearing a tight skirt and heels, the addition of a leather jacket will make a sexy, really cool look. It’s always great to have a leather jacket in your wardrobe!

Leather Tights
At the moment, leather tights are absolutely everywhere. They look so great with so many different outfits. Leather tights can be worn with heels, giving you a fabulous “Sandy from Grease” look – who can complain about that?! They look good with canvas sneakers too – this creates a really cool preppy look. Leather tights are definitely another wardrobe essential.

Leather Shorts
You can get leather shorts that are slightly tacky – as in ridiculously tight and cut halfway across your butt cheeks – or you can get ones that are cute and way more socially acceptable. These look great with just about anything – especially cute, baggy jumpers!

Leather Shoes

Absolutely everyone has at least one pair of leather shoes – these might be patent leather flats or heels. They could be boots or those circa 2011/2012 sneakers with the hidden heel. Whatever form they come in, everyone has leather shoes and they should be worn as much as possible. Leather shoes go with everything – so wear them with everything! They’re so easy, it’s great!

Leather, leather, leather – the greatest invention since, well, anything! For a while there, leather went out – but now it’s back and in a big way. All these items mentioned above should definitely find their way into your wardrobe – they’re absolutely fabulous items of clothing and can be worn so often as great statement pieces! Have fun with creating your leather look – be creative! 

This is a collaborative guest post. 
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