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I have to admit, I have never ever considered myself lucky. In fact during my teen years I think I always considered myself to be incredibly unlucky in everything, but most of all love. This theory still sticks with me to today where every time things are going so well, I’m always waiting for my “luck to change” for lack of a better phrase. I wouldn’t say I’m superstitious when it comes to luck, I like black cats and the reason I try to avoid walking under ladders is more because I saw one fall on somebody when I was a child. 
However, since having Little Miss, although I wouldn’t say I’m any more luckier in love (probably worse off if you ask me!) I have been luckier in the fact I now have the ability to work from home, in mentioning home, I have a beautiful one of my own, and of course my blog is going from strength to strength. Along with my blog I have been INCREDIBLY lucky in regards to winning some amazing competitions that have paid for TWO holidays, I have won jewellery, clothing and vouchers. Not to mention all the amazing opportunities. When I look at Cocktails in Teacups I realise I have incredibly lucky for the first time in my whole life. 
Because of this luck, it makes me feel like I should take more chances. This year for the first time in my life I entered a text competition, I put the lottery on and even bet on a horse (out of my own pocket rather than my dads!) Although none of these were fruitful I definitely enjoyed the rush. 
With this in mind, I would definitely be more inclined to try my hand at bingo at Paddy Power or the likes. It’s such a popular pass time these days both online and off, my best friend has even tried her hand at it and blogged about the experience on Twice the Mum! I have to admit, it’s something I haven’t played since school.. but I remember I was lucky one Christmas and one a santa plushie! So who knows, I could use the extra money in the run up to Christmas! 
Who knew bingo was such an interesting game? I definitely would consider using it to teach Little Miss maths!
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