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You’ll struggle to go anywhere these days without seeing someone enjoying themselves on a tablet. Whether that is taking pictures, reading e-books or watching a television series, tablets seem to be the gadget of choice for most technology lover at the moment. Technology websites such as Hispek stock laptops and tablets in the same section of their site. But is there still a place for the laptop? Here we go through some of the pros and cons for tablets and laptops.

In terms of processing power, laptops are currently still streets ahead of the tablet. Laptops can go that extra distance over tablets in tasks such as photo and video editing as well as data entry even if tablets handle the basic such as internet browsing and media streaming.
Tablets will provide hours of entertainment in the form of app games such as Angry Birds and Word Monsters but for the more involved games requiring faster processors and advanced graphics processing a laptop or PC is still necessary.
An obvious advantage to the laptop, especially if you do a lot of typing, is the fact that there’s a physical keyboard. However, there is the option of additional keyboards with tablets that can be connected via Bluetooth.
Ports and Outputs
The fact that laptops come with universal ports and outputs such as USB and HDMI is a big plus point for a lot of people as this means they can easily connect different devices whereas a lot of tablets depend on connections tailored to the specific device.
As with power, laptops also lead the way in terms of memory and storage space. The capacity of the hard discs on laptops is commonly around ten times larger than a tablet’s memory. So if you would like to store lots of photos, music and video this should be an important factor in your decision making.
Website Content
An ongoing problem which some have with tablets is difficulty with a few websites (but not many). Internet banking, online shopping and any site that requires a lot of Javascript functioning may not run very well on some tablets. Laptops tend to cope a lot better across the board.
Due to having operating systems which work well together, printing tends to work better from laptops. This isn’t a hard and fast rule however and many tablets work fine the printers even if it can be more difficult and less versatile.
The appeal of the tablet lies in its portability. A tablet can be taken on the train, to bed, on holiday, the opportunities are endless. Laptops are a little more cumbersome and also, quite often more expensive.
So, while tablets do seem to be ubiquitous nowadays, there is still very much a place for laptops. For convenience and budget reasons, however, tablets now rule supreme.
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