Introducing Elsa Arya

Today our family of two grew by one. My sister took Little Miss and I to pick up our absolutely beautiful kitten, Elsa Arya. We have looked at photos of her since July 28th but I honestly still can’t believe she’s finally home with us. I have wanted a cat since I was probably LM’s age and she is 100% worth waiting for, we’re both besotted.
She’s a blue point ragdoll and her mummy is actually owned by blogger Kate of Pretty Little Us anyone who follows her on Instagram will be familiar with Luna. I have loved Luna since I first started following Kate and she has always been my dream cat. To now have one of her babies is just amazing and I’m so thankful for how wonderful Kate has been through the whole process. 
As I type this she is currently lying on the bottom of my bed sleeping. I feel so happy having her here with us and I’m sure she will often feature on the blog. 
For anyone interested in her name, yes she is named after Queen Elsa of Arendelle from Frozen. Obviously. 
I apologise for the short post but I have my sister coming over this evening, Once Upon a Time to catch up on, washing to do and a lovely cold to contend with! 
What do you think of Elsa? Isn’t she beautiful?
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