Friday I’m In Love #4

Urgh, although this week has gone by fast (another week closer to Christmas/Florida) it has been pretty dyer thanks to the constant rain and cold temperatures. Having a new kitten and a small child trapped indoors together all week hasn’t been fun at all. My grandfather isn’t in the best health either which has definitely been a strain on my family. Anyway all is not lost. With my Christmas shopping complete, my mother organised with what she’s getting Little Miss I have started to look towards LM’s 3rd birthday in January. I know it seems strange but I want to spend the first three months saving like a maniac so it makes sense to get her presents now when all the offers are on. Another 15% off at the Disney Store this week has been a godsend. 
Anyway, this week here are some of the things I have been loving; 
Cards Against Humanity
No picture I’m afraid, but I played Cards Against Humanity for the first time last weekend while at Bee’s and I bloody love it. It’s right up my street as I have a rather twisted sense of humour and I wasn’t too bad at predicting what other people would find funny too. I think if I had drank it would have been a lot more funny but there were quite a few times I laughed ridiculously hard. I can’t wait to play it again and I definitely recommend it if you have a really messed up sense of humour.
#CakeThat with Best British Bloggers & Euphorium Bakery 
If you have been reading my blog for the past few months you’ll know I took part in a blogger baking competition called #CakeThat. It was orchestrated by Best British Bloggers for Euphorium Bakery and their new site launch the judge was none other than Great British Bake Off champ John Whaite. I won the first round, came runner up in the second and then this week I found out I was the over all winner with my Chess Cake Showstopper! I couldn’t believe it! I only ever bake for my family, who all assure my I make amazing cakes but this is the first time that someone has liked them from outside my family, and judged them! It was a great confidence boost and if I could organise myself I would definitely consider baking for a living (as my own cake boss though!)
Disney Couture Frozen Collection
This week has saw the release of the Disney Couture Frozen collection! It has been long awaited and if you follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you’ll have seen the teasers for months. It was finally released and is now available from various stockists such as Truffle Shuffle and Zentosa. I’m hoping for a piece off Little Miss for Christmas to add to my Disney Couture collection
Scarphelia’s Post About Blogging & Mental Health 
My favourite post is actually one I found last week but as there was no Friday I’m In Love post due to it being the end of the month, I’m sharing it this week because it was that good. Katie’s post entitled The Relationship Between The Blogosphere and Mental Health: We Need To Talk really said all I’ve been thinking about this topic lately. As someone who has openly talked about the mental health problems I’ve dealt with as a direct result of the abusive relationship I’ve been in, I know how freeing it can be to have somewhere to open up about it all and the hope there isn’t someone out there suffering like you.. but at the same time, I see the “Misty-Ann” situation happening, young girls thinking it’s cool to have a mental illness.. What I’ve been through I wouldn’t wish on anyone and I can’t understand why anyone would want to be THAT like their idol.. It’s a scary thought, especially having a daughter of my own, that a safe haven like blogging could be so influential in regards to something as important as mental health.
Elsa Arya
Yes, my kitten. I love her so bloody much. She’s been sleeping on my bed every night since we brought her home. LM is so good with her, it fills me with so much joy to wake in the morning hearing them laughing and playing together. She’s also so beautiful and very cuddly. My mum has a beautiful cat too but she isn’t a lap cat. Elsa is a lap cat, and a chest cat and even a neck cat. She loves being close to me which is exactly what I wanted. I’m so happy she’s part of our little family unit.

My Hero 
So I got Netflix as part of my Vodafone contract and i’ve been watching a lot of British comedy on it, The Inbetweeners, Black Books, The Mighty Boosh, Friday Night Dinner.. and it suggested I watch My Hero. I remember watching the first series when I lived at home, it was on on a Friday night and I did have a little crush on Ardal O’Hanlon as George Sunday because he was sweet, Irish and funny. So I’m watching it again, the first 5 series’ anyway and I have been doing all week.. and yes I still have a crush on Ardal O’Hanlon. If you haven’t seen it before it’s about George who is actually Thermoman a superhero from Ultron, who is trying to fit in on Earth. It also has Hugh Dennis in which again makes it a winner for me.
Again for the whole I forgot to take photographs this week.. but I think this is again due to the crappy weather even my blog photos look appalling sadly. I hope at least next week we get some sun, even if it freezing! 
What have you been loving this week
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