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The Wizard of Oz by U Star Novels Review

The Wizard of Oz Personalised Novel* £16.95, U Star Novels

One of my favourite gifts to buy for my daughter are the kind she’ll appreciate when she’s over. For all her birthday’s and Christmases I always try to get one thing that I’ll put away for her to have more for pleasure from when she’s grown up. In the past this has included personalised Christmas decorations, a jewellery box, a bangle and a few other bits, but for her third birthday I have got her a personalised version of one of my favourite books as a child, The Wizard of Oz
I was offered the chance of a review copy of one of U Star Novels personalised books and although at first I was tempted to get one for myself but as most of the ones I liked required a hero and a heroine, I decided against it. I don’t need another reminder of my eternal singledom, but for couples they would be a wonderful gift. I also already have a copy of Alice in Wonderland, or Amy in Wonderland I should say, that my sister had made for my 21st birthday.
Anyway, the book took less than a week to arrive and I’m so impressed. The site itself was so easy to use. You just pick your book, add it to your basket and then it guides you through your personalisation. You can even choose a photo to go on the back! It’s not confusing at all and you get to pick out eye colour, hair colour for the main character. I also liked that you could choose the gender of the scarecrow which is why the one in LM’s story is female. I made it with all her friends (bar Elphaba because she’s clearly my friend) as characters. 
Although I do think at the moment, LM is probably too young to enjoy it, it’s there for when she can. I think personalised anything are brilliant gifts, but for a child, or even adult who enjoys reading, it’s even nicer. There is so much choice too, from children’s classics to Charles Dickens to Shakespeare as well as a range of adult books which would be great to exchange between couples if you’re into that sort of thing! I’d definitely recommend them as gift ideas and if anyone fancies getting me The Great Gatsby (where I’m Daisy obviously) I’d really appreciate it!
If you could star in any novel, which one would you go for?
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