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Disney Couture Frozen Collection

I think it’s pretty apparent to all who are a regular reader of my blog that I like Disney, and everything related to Disney. However for a long time it was incredibly hard to get anything “nice” for adults in this country. It’s only really recently there has been an explosion of Disney merchandise aimed at adults, which of course i’m not complaining about. But in my late teens I discovered Disney Couture. 10 years ago I received my first bit of Disney Couture jewellery, it was the gold “princess” necklace and from that moment on, I became a collector. A few months ago I even shared my collection on the blog to celebrate the fact that once again Disney Couture was bringing out some new collections after a hiatus while the company changed hands. I was ecstatic to say the least, and I have taken an active role in helping to promote Disney Couture in the UK across Facebook and Twitter. I am so happy to see the brand growing in popularity again.. and after the latest releases, I know it’s going to continue to grow tenfold. Why? Because their newest collection is Frozen.
I am a Frozen fan. I love the story, the characters, the music, I especially love the concept art. I’m an Anna through and through, and For The First Time in Forever is one of my all time favourite songs. My dream dress is her coronation dress and I’m desperate to find and fall in love with my own Kristoff. It’s also the first Disney movie my daughter can be involved in the hype for and despite the fact that it seems to be taking over the Disney company as a whole, I just can’t not love it. So of course, I have waited in anticipation over the last few months for this collection to be released and today I’m going to be reviewing two pieces on the blog. 

White Gold Plated True Love Bangle Adult* & Junior* RRP £39 each, Zentosa
The collection is beautiful and includes pieces inspired by Elsa, Anna and Olaf so there is something for all Frozen fans. There are necklaces, earrings and bangles, eleven pieces in total all 14kt white gold plated. For the first time (in) forever (sorry I couldn’t resist the Frozen humour) Disney Couture have released some junior size bangles meaning children can get in on the action. I have both the adult and the junior and since Little Miss is only two, I’ll be putting it away until she’s older but it really will make a beautiful keepsake piece as I’m sure the collection (like all the previous ones) will be limited edition, although don’t quote me on that, I’m just going off past experiences. It’s also nice for the whole collection to be in white gold as in the past Disney Couture has been known for their jewellery to be mainly released in gold, which I know has put off my best friend Bee from buying certain pieces. The white gold definitely works well with Frozen.
As I mentioned above, Anna is my favourite Frozen character so it only seemed right I would be by passing all the Elsa & Olaf related pieces. I have both sizes of the “Only an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart” bangle which is one of the pieces I have coveted since the press release came out. I love the idea within the movie, how Anna thaws her heart by being the one committing the act of true love. Being someone who at times feels incredibly jaded in regards to love with such a blackened history of my own, I too feel like my heart could be frozen but I hold onto the idea that with the right act of love it will thaw. I think this is definitely the main reason to be drawn to this particular bangle (there are three designs, a Let It Go one and a I Like Warm Hugs one). Not only that but I love the design, the font is gorgeous and the blue hearts really stand out. Like all Disney Couture it is well made, sturdy and fastens well so I have no fear of it falling off. It is a cuff style with a latch and will look amazing stacked with other DC bangles (unfortunately all my other ones are gold so I can’t show this to you, but take my word for it!) 
I’m so thrilled with the collection that I have requested the Snowflake Necklace (RRP £39) from my mother as the gift from LM to me for Christmas. Again, this is because it has relevance to Anna, especially if you watch Once Upon a Time. I like the simplicity of it so I can wear it often rather than only on special occasions.
For some I know the price might be off putting (this range is from £22 to £45) but for me, it has never been the case. I love the contemporary style and the fact it is Disney Licensed so I’m supporting the company. The junior range is priced the same as the adults, but this is why I think they make more keepsake and special occasion bits for children, rather than the every day wear I get from my collection. I genuinely can’t wait to see what they bring out next. 
If you are thinking of buying some Disney Couture for a loved one, you can find a range of stockists here
What collection would you like to see from Disney Couture?
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