Friday I’m In Love #5

I’ve had a rather bad week this week and I really don’t think the weather has helped. Today is the most miserable of all not at all helpful with my mood. We did manage an outing to Asda for some bits and pieces, it was quite lovely until I received a really upsetting text while waiting on the bus home. Then I got home to no gas on the metre, lovely. Take away has been ordered.
Despite it being a fairly horrible week, I have managed to still find some things to “love” and share with you today. I’m hoping by continuing to do this post it’ll cheer me up a bit because there is nothing worse than feeling miserable, being broke and it pouring of rain outside! 
Selfridges Make Up Bags
I follow a few Disney product finding accounts on Instagram and this week one brought a range of beautiful Disney inspired make up bags to my attention. I think it was @Disneyfind. Anyway they’re available from Selfridges and they’re by Alphabet Bags. There are four, but not only that Selfridges have two exclusive gift sets available with two of the bags, the Fairest of them All and A Bag of Pixie Dust. The bags alone are £20, and the two sets are £40 and £35 respectively. I really want either the Take Me To Neverland one or the Fairest of them All one. Although I do like what you get in the A Bag of Pixie Dust set. I feel like I really need one! 
Christmas Drinks
Finally the coffee shops have released their Christmassy drinks! I have two from Costa and one from Starbucks in the famous red cups so far. In my opinion Costa has the best range, but for some reason I always feel quite sick after one from there (I’m sure they use whole milk when I ask for skimmed!) My sister and I had one each from Costa while in town during the week, it was growing dark and we were doing Christmas shopping, it felt very festive! 

Disney Store Canvases
In my opinion, The Disney Shop is really on form at the moment! I have placed three orders in the past month, the majority of it being Christmas stuff but there have been the odd few things for now such as a mug, some Christmas tree decorations, a spoon rest. But this week I came across some beautiful canvases for only £15! I ordered the Rapunzel one for Little Miss’ room today and I can’t wait for it to arrive. Although I’m sure she would prefer Elsa or Anna, I had a 20% off code that didn’t work on Frozen bits. Maybe if they’re available after Christmas I can get her another for her birthday, although saying that I’d LOVE Anna for my room… 
Honey and Almond Porridge 
I’m not really a breakfast person, unless I’m on holiday. Usually I have a giant mug of ice coffee and that’s enough but as the weather gets colder I crave something warming first thing in the morning. Last year I discovered Oat So Simple and I became addicted to the Honey and Vanilla one. It was during the time I was shopping at Morrisons. Now I’m shopping at Tescos as it’s easier now LM isn’t in a pushchair and I had to settle for Honey and Almond which is just as delicious! So sweet and warming and you can use the sachet to measure the milk ensuring perfect porridge every time. Had you told me 5 years ago that I would love porridge I would have called you crazy but here I am including it in my Friday Loves post!
Mod Dolly Christmas Collection
There are three brands that I constantly lust after bits from; Sugarhill Boutique, The Whitepepper & Mod Dolly. This week Mod Dolly released their Winter & Christmas lookbook, and I’m not even exaggerating when I say I want it all! The pieces are beautiful, all the collars, the textures and colours. When I have some spare cash I’m going to get something to wear on Christmas day… well hopefully! But in the mean time I’ll just lust! 
 My take away has finally arrive so I’m calling that a night. I’d like to say I’m going to chill out in a bubble bath, but hot water is something I need gas for so instead I’m going to lie on my bed watching Netflix and eating all the chocolate. I’m so rock & roll!
What have you been loving this week?
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