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The Ultimate Disney Gift Guide for Adults

I won’t lie, I spend a lot of my time hunting the net for Disney related adult friendly paraphernalia and today while I was browsing like I do most Sunday’s I decided it would be fun to put together the Ultimate Disney Gift Guide for Adults including gift ideas for men and women of all prices. I have scoured the internet for things that are Disney, available to UK residents and suitable for nice for adults. But if you still can’t find that SPECIAL Disney gift you’re after, I cannot recommend Etsy enough. I have bought a lot of gifts this year from Etsy, mainly for Little Miss but there is so much I could have bought for myself, I even made a wishlist remember? However, if you don’t want to risk customs or pay through the nose for something from abroad, there is a lot available in the UK aimed at Adults for what I feel is the first year ever, take Primark for instance, there is LOADS there, I come out with a bag full of mainly Disney related things every time I visit! But since Primark doesn’t have a website, here are some other things if you prefer to do your shopping online, rather than brave the hecticness of Christmas shopping in store!
I’ll admit now, there is a lot more for women than there is for men, mainly because I didn’t want to branch into Marvel and Star Wars. Also, I suck at shopping for men.

Lets start off by breaking the bank. There surprisingly isn’t that much apart from jewellery and ornaments that caught my eye in the over £50 category. Of course I love the jewellery and the Disney Traditions but my gift guide would be a little bit boring if that’s all it was. So the top row, left to right, first the Mickey Mouse and Friends Musical Snowglobe (RRP £90) from The Disney Store. I have always wanted a beautiful Disney snowglobe and I’m sure I’m not alone. What I love the most is that it plays the Mickey Mouse march can we have an MIC-KEY. Next is the beautiful Platinum Plated Crystal Alice Drink Me Bottle necklace (RRP £69) by Disney Couture and available at Zentosa. I have lusted after this for years since the Tom Binns collection was released. It’s the perfect gift. Eleven Paris has recently released a load of Disney merch. I think this Mickey Mouse Backpack (RRP £65) from Urban Outfitters would make a great gift for the guy in your life. Of course I couldn’t not include a Disney Tradition, if I had a lovely boyfriend I’d definitely be hinting at this Under the Sea Musical Figurine (RRP £59.99) from H Samuel. The Disney Traditions are all so beautifully made, I wish I had more than four! If you are after something special for your other half, and he’s a Disney fan, you have to go for this amazing Mickey Mouse Golden Years Memories Watch (RRP £70) from ASOS. What’s even better is ASOS often has discount days, over the weekend it has been 20% which would have made the watch £56. The Disney Store is hot at the moment with fab gifts, one of my favs is the Disneyland Paris Suitcase (RRP £80) perfect if you or someone you know are off on a Disney adventure next year! A few years back Chamilia (a brand that makes bracelets and beads much like Pandora) released a range of Disney charms, and now to join them they have released a Minnie Mouse Bracelet (RRP £80) from H Samuel. It’s definitely a dream gift. Finally, the ultimate gift for a Disney fan is of course a DVD box set, how cute is this Disney Pixar – The Complete Collection (RRP £67.49) from IWOOT? 
Next up, the mid range gift ideas. First up, one of my fav online stores at the moment, Geek La Chic has some amazing Disney dresses. Even though I’m not a villains fan, I just love the material of this Disney Villains Sweetheart Dress (RRP £44.99) and the cut is really cute. One of the new ranges in The Disney Store is the Bistro Alice in Wonderland collection, including this amazing Cake Plate (RRP £34) I know my friend Kariss would love this. How about this The Jungle Book Canvas (RRP £29.99) from Truffle Shuffle? Great for the walls if you’re sharing with a guy and he isn’t into the usual Disney Princess or Frozen art. It’s not Christmas without new pjs and Topshop has some great ones, I actually have a Princess Jasmine set. If you usually go for Christmas pjs, I suggest these Mickey and Minnie Shorts Set (RRP £22). This year it’s the 25th anniversary of The Little Mermaid, what better gift for a fan than this Ariel Money Box (RRP £24.99) from Geek La Chic? I recently discovered some amazing books that every Disney fan needs (me included) The Art of Disney Golden Books (RRP £25) from Amazon. There are loads that I’d like including The Art of Disney Princesses, Tangled, Frozen and many more! I love Disney parodies but one of my absolute favourites is the Toy Story and Jurassic Park cross over and here it is on a men’s t-shirt, I give you The Jurassic Story (RRP £26.99) from Truffle Shuffle. My dad would love this. Ornaments that double as something useful are always good gifts, like this Jaq and Gus Mouse Clock (RRP £49.99) by Disney Tradition from H Samuel. Finally, another beautiful piece of Disney Couture but more reasonably priced is the Have Faith in Your Dreams bangle (RRP £39) from Zentosa. I like the black one because it goes with everything, black is everyone’s colour so you can’t go wrong with it! 
Now under the £20 mark, great ideas for friends and family rather than partners. BHS has a great range of Mickey and Minnie kitchen bits, my favourite are these Salt & Pepper Shakers (RRP £12) they’re so cute and retro. Shame I already have Mickey Mouse salt & pepper grinders. Who knew it was so hard to find bloke pjs? But I did it, Asda have some perfect men ones, Grumpy from Snow White and only £10! A newly released Disney Tradition that won’t break the back is Olaf (RRP £19.99)! He’s so cute and definitely one of the best loved characters from Frozen. He’s also available from H Samuel. I’m always surprised that The Disney Store has much better t-shirts for men than women, like this Toy Story Aliens T-Shirt (RRP £19) and the price is great too! Last Christmas I was given a Thomas Kinkade Disney Calendar (RRP £9.95) from Amazon and it was one of my favourite gifts. It hangs on my wall in my bedroom and I’ll definitely be replacing it next year. Thomas Kinkade really does the most beautiful Disney artwork, if you haven’t seen it I suggest you look it up. I didn’t realise until I was putting this gift guide together that Britto not only did Disney ornaments but they do soft toys like this Winnie the Pooh (RRP £19) from The Brilliant Gift Company. Personally I like the Minnie Mouse but I thought the Winnie the Pooh would be good for male or female and because they’re Britto they’re not too childish (not that has ever put me off buying a Disney plush before haha). One of the best Disney Gifts you can give are mugs (unless you’re buying for Bee as she’d not allowed anymore mugs, sad times!) The Incredibles (RRP £9) mug is perfect for a super girl or guy but personally I love the pink Minnie Mouse one because it comes with a plush and is currently on offer for £10! These are both from The Disney Store. I couldn’t not feature something from the new Disney movie Big Hero 6 which is already out in the US, although due to the fact it’s not released here til January there is so little available at the moment.. however I did find a Baymax Funko Pop (RRP £12.99) from IWOOT. I have recently started collecting Funko’s and I just can’t get enough of them, mainly because they’re super cute. Obviously I want all the princesses first though. I have tried hard not to include too much Frozen, especially Elsa gift ideas because she’s everywhere, but I can’t resist including these Frozen Juice Glass pack (RRP £14.99) from Geek La Chic. Although I much prefer Anna, I’d really love these as they remind me of the glasses available in Hot Topic. Finally, an adult Frozen t-shirt I don’t hate from Truffle Shuffle! The Let It Go t-shirt isn’t horribly over priced either at only £18!
Finally! Stocking filler ideas. I don’t actually get a stocking anymore which makes me sad, however I know that some people do, so I thought i’d add this nice little category for adult friendly Disney fillers. I’ve already mentioned my Funko love but how cute is this little tin of Frozen Funko Mini Pops (RRP £10.99) from IWOOT. You could even split them up if you had more than one stocking to fill! They’re also be so cool to go in homemade crackers! Another designer who has released a Disney collection is Gogo Philip. His jewellery is a lot cheaper than Disney Couture and these Mickey Mouse Hoop Earrings (RRP £9.99) would make a perfect stocking filler. I always find it so annoying that the UK has barely any Disney make up, where as the US has some great stuff. However I do like the Lipsmacker Disney lipbalms, the princess ones like the Snow White one pictured above are actually shimmery. They’re only £2.99 from Truffle Shuffle if bought individually but you can also get them in packs. And lets not forget about the amazing collection of Disney socks available in Primark at the moment, only £2.50 a pair. I have about 6 and my favourite is The Little Mermaid pair I’ve included in my gift guide. I know this Disney Alphabet (RRP £4.99) at IWOOT, might look a little childish but just imagine it in a frame? It would really make a lovely gift. Nice to say A is for Ariel ha. Who cares if you’re not a Disney pin collector, this Grape Soda badge (RRP £9.99) like Ellie’s in UP! is so perfect and anyone who has seen the movie will know how special it is if you receive it. Not all Disney Couture jewellery will break the bank, you just need to keep your eyes open for bits that are in the sale, like the Pumpkin Carriage Ring now £7 at Zentosa, now that really would be a special stocking filler! It was really hard to find guy stuff for stockings that were Disney, but I managed it with this Mickey Mouse wallet (RRP £14.99) from Truffle Shuffle.
So this is my second gift guide of 2014, I still have four or so to share and I promise that they won’t be as long. When it’s Disney, I just get carried away! If you need some more Disney inspiration I have my current Disney Store wishlist and my etsy wishlist which are filled with more girly ideas, ladies, show them to your boyfriends! 
Are you asking Santa Claus for anything Disney related or inspired?
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